Three years, we were together.

The canteen was closed at nine o'clock in the evening, and the storefronts outside were locked one after another. Ye Li Li went into Chang Chun's room for the sake of steamed buns.

The canteen was closed at nine o'clock in the evening, and the storefronts outside were locked one after another. Ye Li Li went into Chang Chun's room for the sake of steamed buns. Big Brother has been with Father Ye for more than ten years, but the treatment is different from others. The martial arts school not only has his dormitory, but also his special venue. Verse 46: Ye Li Li's Smiling Pride (6) Ye Li Li touched those high-end equipment jealously, the children of rich families are happy, the moon shining on their heads is more round than others, even the mattress is softer than others. As soon as I opened the refrigerator and saw the white and fat figure of the steamed stuffed bun, suddenly the door clicked and the owner of the steamed stuffed bun came back. Ye Li Li subconsciously jumped to the back of the refrigerator and curled himself up like a crawling creature. Chang Chun went to the refrigerator, opened the cabinet door and took a bottle of water. Ye Li Li's whole body is stiff, she does not want to be pulled out from the back of the refrigerator by this shrewd elder brother, and the charge is to steal steamed buns for Bai Yunfei, just listening to it will make people tremble with laughter. Ye Li Li watched Chang Chun walk to the door, just relieved, trying to stretch his stiff hands and feet, but the guy inexplicably turned back and looked at the refrigerator thoughtfully. Had Ye Li Li not grown up with him, she would have thought that his sweetheart was actually a refrigerator, knowing that this brother was rich and beautiful. Chang Chun unscrewed the cap of the mineral water bottle, smiled and said to himself,Stainless steel foundry, "This place is very suitable for hide-and-seek." Ye Li Li did not know whether he had discovered himself or not. He neither exposed himself nor left. He was suspected of sleeping on the floor in front of the refrigerator. Ye Li Li put up with it again and again. He could hardly help rushing out to fight with him. Suddenly, he heard the Elder Martial Brother say softly, "Heat it up before eating, or you will have a stomachache." Then, with his characteristic lightness of step, he floated noiselessly through the crack in the door. Ye Li Li stood in a daze for a long time. Even a dull person has a glimmer of clarity at this time. In the martial arts competition, we call this situation releasing water. That is to say,Investment casting parts, Big Brother clearly found it. Why Why Why don't you pull her out from behind the refrigerator and laugh at her loudly? When Ye Li Li put the steamed stuffed bun in his arms and jumped out, he suddenly remembered that his elder brother was different from her or those younger brothers. He would never laugh at her. He was gentle, considerate, careful and smart. He was so perfect that people felt fake. That's why he changed from the closest to the most distant, from the most like to see and hate.. The feelings between boys and girls are not just love and worship. In the endless praise of Ye's father, how jealous Ye Li Li is that he can do his best everywhere. Seven, where not to meet in life At ten o'clock, Bai Yunfei finally waited for Ye Li and Li. Steamed stuffed bun. When the girl jumped into the room, she looked very embarrassed, as if the flower thief had been beaten up instead of succeeding, with various types of spider silk hanging on her hair, and her clothes were covered with dust. Bai Yunfei's chin fell under the bed: "You … …" Where have you been? Ye Li Li twitched and laughed: "Primeval Forest." And, and, non standard fasteners ,titanium machining parts, and I met the terrible Uncle Tarzan. Although the steamed stuffed bun moved Bai Yunfei very much, Ye Li Li struggled with the microwave oven for twenty minutes but failed to open it. The poor patient had to get up from the bed and said, "Just fry it." Ye Li Li watched the boy turn on the gas stove and pour water and oil at one go. She was stunned by the beauty of his movements: "You.." Verse 47: Ye Li Li's Smiling Pride (7) "Want to eat?" Bai Yunfei stood in front of the pot table, holding snow-white steamed buns to tempt her. Ye Li Li nodded his head subconsciously. That night, Ye Li Li, who looked like a girl on the outside but had a gorilla in her heart, followed Bai Yunfei, who had the name of Daxia but would fall down as soon as he poked his finger, and ate fried buns with a mouthful of oil. Martial arts novels, of course, will not have this scene, the swordsmen are too busy, in addition to revenge, learning skills and fighting against injustice, they have to put on the most handsome pose at any time and anywhere for people to admire, but life is different, trivial, messy and incomplete will be the warmest. I got it. Bai Yunfei raised his head in his busy schedule and pointed to Ye Li Li's face. Here A girl must not grope about for territory. "Face, where do you touch?" Bai Yunfei was so angry that he pulled a piece of paper and raised Ye Li Li's face to rub against it. Pain, pain, you want to murder your parents and teachers? Not white skin vigorously rubbed twice also became red, in front of the lamp under the moon, in the pile of steamed buns, with unexpected attraction, white clouds fly a hot head: "You..." "What?" "Why are you so nice to me?" After nearly ten years of problems, finally.. I still got it. Ye Li Li eyes swim, the distance is so close, the boy's comely and clean face is easy to let the blood boil, is to throw him down or answer him? This is really a difficult problem. Why Why don't you speak. Bai Yunfei is a little desperate. You know, after ten years, he is 1.78 meters tall and weighs only 54 kilograms. In any case, he will no longer look like a Dutch pig. But There are always some pets that are slim and cute, and Bai Yunfei doesn't want to be named after them again. Ye Li Li did not speak, close to him, and then close, can not be closer, Bai Yunfei heard a light sound of chirp. That seems to be.. It was like the sound of pouting and touching the face. We usually call that kind of action.. By the way, Bai Yunfei suddenly remembered, kiss. But without waiting for him to understand thoroughly, Ye Li Li had already stood up and jumped out of the room as quickly as a rabbit. Only the poor Dutch pig prince was left holding a tissue in one hand and a steamed bun in the other, with his mouth wide open and his eyes staring straight ahead. Then a puff of smoke curled up from the back of his head and died of spontaneous combustion because he was too excited. Eight is nothing because so. Although the princess is barely satisfactory, in any case,car radiator cap, the curse of more than ten years has finally been lifted, and the Dutch pig has become a prince. Bai Yunfei has been keeping a light and floating state these days, and his horse steps are staggering.


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