A rogue son of heaven

When the carriage passed here, because the road was too narrow, only a few feet away from the wall, Qin Fu shot into the dog hole at a speed that even he could not believe, with both hands, only in the blink of an eye, the whole body passed through the dog hole, everything was silent.

When the carriage passed here, because the road was too narrow, only a few feet away from the wall, Qin Fu shot into the dog hole at a speed that even he could not believe, with both hands, only in the blink of an eye, the whole body passed through the dog hole, everything was silent. Perhaps because it was dark and the road was dark, and there was a carriage in the way, people's attention was not focused on the bottom of the car and a dog hole under the wall, so it seemed that no one had found Qin Fu's action. Rolling into the wall, Qin Fu found that it was a garden, inside was a meadow, and the sound of wheels and hooves outside the wall was fading away. Qin Fu slightly looked at the surrounding environment, can not help but be frightened, he found that in the darkness there were a few dim lights moving towards him, but a few strong hunting dogs. Qin Fu secretly complained in the heart, this is self-defeating, would not have been so quickly discovered by the other side, but these hounds make it difficult for him not to expose his tracks, as long as these hounds bark, he is finished. Qin Fu did not want to, and then shrink back to the wall of the dog hole, the hunting dogs "whoo." The ground all rushed up,die casting parts, but Qin Fu retracted his feet at the fastest speed, and several big dogs rushed empty. Qin Fu's sweat all surprised to come out, the alley both ends all have the fire light up, obviously is someone from both ends line, how dare he stay? He jumped to the other side of the other wall. But when he fell, he found that it was a pond. Qin Fu was so shocked that he hurriedly drew his sword at a very high speed. At the critical moment, the long sword "Zheng.." He pierced the wall and hung his body on the wall. Woof, woof.. The barking of the hounds immediately startled the night sky, and the sound of footsteps on both sides of the alley immediately became rapid. Qin Fu looked at the surface of the water against the faint moonlight,die cast light housing, gritted his teeth, and slid slowly down the wall into the pool. When the voice startled, he had completely sunk into the pool. Look around and see if an enemy has sneaked in! Someone had jumped on the top of the wall to look for it, but no trace of anyone could be found at all. Only a slight ripple, like a breeze blowing, was not noticed. In fact, this kind of texture is very common, but it is often seen on weekdays. Did you find anything suspicious? The men asked, carrying lanterns. No, maybe it's just that these hounds are hungry. One man explained. Maybe, we have to be careful, don't let people see our jokes today! A man exhorted in a deep voice. Understand Qin Fu did not dare to dive into the alley again. Although it was only a moment just now, he broke out in a cold sweat. He had to dive from the water to the other side of the pond. He could hear the voices of those people very clearly. He understood that the guards here were very tight tonight. He probably had no chance to find out the actions of Li Lang and others, and it was even more difficult to find out who the mysterious dragon head was. However, as long as he knew the place, he could come back at any time to investigate, so he was not in a hurry. There seemed to be a rockery in the pond. At night, deep draw stamping ,metal stamping parts, by the faint light, Qin Fu could not fully see the scene in the pond, but he could basically see from his position that the unique shadow was a rockery. You know, his uncle Qin Meng is the best craftsman in the world, although he learned only one or two percent, but for this common sense of civil engineering or some. However, he was not in the mood to study the architectural structure here at the moment. All he thought about was how to leave this strange place. Only by leaving here and being well prepared can we better explore the form of the village. Or maybe it's not just a village, it's a castle, but wherever it is, it's the enemy's lair. The pond was about twenty feet wide, and on the other side of the pond was a small bamboo grove, apparently also a garden. Qin Fu did not dare to climb out of the water this time. If there were hunting dogs in the garden, it would be a little bad. Seeing this garden, Qin Fu understood that this was not an ordinary manor. At least, the taste of this manor is relatively high, but it is not like the place where ordinary bandits live. Just look at the style of this garden, we can see that the owner here is very rich. But where is this place? Where does Anlu City have such a manor within a hundred miles? For a moment, Qin Fu really can't remember. There seemed to be no hounds in the garden, but it was so quiet that people felt very uneasy. Qin Fu did not have any superfluous ideas, he must leave here quickly, late change, that is not good. The manor seems to be quite big, and the building specifications are also very special, although just now Qin Fu memorized the route at the bottom of the car, but he is not taking the original road at the moment. The alley was obviously built on purpose, and there were whistles at both ends of the alley. It was obvious that the people in the manor had regarded the alley as the only way for outsiders to enter. However, Qin Fu still does not understand some of the design specifications, or perhaps just because at night, do not quite understand the reasons. In the manor, everywhere has the dark sentry, looks like the tranquil night, is really everywhere is full of kills and the trap. Qin Fu was thinking, if the big dragon head found that he had been transferred in the carriage, what kind of expression would it be? And what would Li Lang think? However, he will never be polite to Li Lang, this despicable person! Woof, woof, woof.. A cry of hounds came from a distance, and for a moment it seemed that dozens of hounds appeared at the same time. Qin Fu a listen, the heart can not help but rise a shadow, if not wrong, Li Lang's people have found him escaped, and has released a hound to track his smell, this is not good. Fortunately, however, he was swimming from the pond, at least, the hounds would not be able to find him so soon, but he must leave here as soon as possible, otherwise he would never escape the sense of smell of the hounds. Strict defense everywhere, any suspicious situation, report immediately, there may have been a spy invasion! A strong horse stopped at a whistle not far from Qin Fu and ordered in a deep voice. Subordinates know! The two sentinels nodded respectfully. As soon as the horse turned its head,Magnetic Drain Plug, it galloped in the other direction, apparently informing the sentry posts to step up their surveillance, so that Qin Fu could have a big head. autoparts-dx.com


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