Rou Fu Di Ji

The meaning of "stay" is clear. The thing that she had been worried about for a long time finally came. Wei Shi could not find a good way to get away from her distress, so she had to pretend to be confused.

The meaning of "stay" is clear. The thing that she had been worried about for a long time finally came. Wei Shi could not find a good way to get away from her distress, so she had to pretend to be confused. She hoped that he would be merciful and let her go home. "Your Majesty has eaten and taken medicine tonight. It's better to have a rest earlier. The slave family dare not stay here any longer. Please let the slave family go back first. They must come early tomorrow morning." Zong Xianyi: Do you really want to go back? Now Webster bowed his head and said yes. Zong Xian did not seem to be angry, but he said, "Listen." Wei Shi first did not understand what Zong Xian asked her to listen to, but neither of them made a sound again, and the voice of the outside world gradually became clear. When I was singing just now, I didn't notice that the rain was getting heavier and heavier, mixed with the sound of lightning and thunder, and.. Faintly came the wild laughter of Jin Bing and the cry of the woman. Webster rose in horror and ran to the door to lift the curtain and look out. A flash of lightning swept all the colors from her face. In the bright light, the prelude to another heinous atrocity came into her frightened eyes. During the March, the post houses and tents were limited, and they were all for the generals and soldiers of the Jin army to live in. The women of the Song Dynasty could only find a corner to sleep in the open air on weekdays. Because of the rain that night, the Song women were drenched one by one, and some of them ran to the Jin barracks and wanted to stand under the eaves for a moment. This scene made the Jin soldiers in the camp come out one after another, grab the Song girls and drag them inside. Only then did the women shivering in the rain realize that the rain was not the greatest tragedy of the night. They screamed, struggled, or ran aimlessly in the pouring rain, but eventually they could not escape a pair of rough hands. They disappeared into the camp of the Jin people one after another, and soon an even more shrill cry came from inside. Webster covered his mouth tightly with his right hand, closed his eyes and retreated involuntarily. The curtain hung down again, and the scene outside the partition made her feel a little peaceful. Do you want to go back? Zong Xian asked again. Wei Shi did not answer him, but crouched in a corner of Zong Xian's room. When Zong Xian got out of bed to pull her,plastic pallet crates, she did not make any resistance. After arriving at Jin Shangjing, the gold owner gave them a bath and ordered them to have an audience in Jin's full dress. Then the gold owner selected several princesses with outstanding appearance to be included in the harem. Wei Shi was not included in this list, and Xing Shi was tortured and suffered great losses, and was not elected, so the two and the rest of the unsuccessful palace people were sent to the Jin people to serve in the laundry for Song women. From Bianjing, Jin captured more than 3,400 women of the imperial clan who went north. After arriving at Yanshan, there were only 1,ibc spill containment pallet,900 women left, and nearly half of them died. After the rest of the people arrived in Beijing one after another, they were first selected by the royal family, and then some of them were given to the generals of the Jin army. More than 1,000 people were given to the Jin people, and the remaining 300 were sent to the laundry. The last thing that the death of the Song captive brought to Wei was from Empress Zhu. As soon as she arrived in Shangjing, the Jin people forced her to show her upper body and wear a fur coat. Unable to bear the humiliation, Empress Zhu returned to the house and hanged herself. Although she was rescued, she soon drowned herself. Hearing the news, Wei shed tears and said to Yang, "She's the empress. Even so, I won't be able to live in the future." Although Yang was quite worried, she still tried her best to comfort her: "The empress is blessed with great fortune. As long as she knows how to cherish herself, she will be able to wait until the day when His Highness Jiu comes to rescue her." The washhouse where they lived was called the Land of Raccoon Clothes, which was actually similar to a brothel. The women of the Song Dynasty not only had to starch and wash clothes for the Jin people, but also had to endure their humiliation. Nine out of ten people were prostitutes, plastic bulk containers ,ibc spill pallet, and their reputation and integrity were lost, and their lives were also lost. In the end, Wei Shi saw Song Nu's corpse carried out from the courtyard without feeling, and only bowed his head indifferently and tried to wash the clothes in the basin. Or try to dress up as crude and ugly, in order to avoid the gaze of the golden man. But one day, a golden man pulled her out of a group of washerwomen. She looked up and saw Zong Xian's familiar bearded face. Come home with me. He said in his customary terse commanding tone. I Webster was a little surprised. Jin dignitaries often came to the laundry to choose women to go back as concubines, but they chose young and beautiful ones. It's you. Zong Xian confirmed that when she stopped talking, she frowned and asked, "Do you want to stay here?" Webster looked down at his hands, which were red, swollen and peeling from washing, hesitated, and finally shook his head. "Let's go," Zong Xian urged. With a sigh, Webster said, "I'm no longer young …" "Well," said Zong Xian, "I know. ” Webster thought for a moment and added, "I'm rough, too." "I like it." Zong Xian answered, then pulled her to stride out: "Go quickly, where so wordy!" When Zong Xian picked up Wei Shi, he also took away her maid Yang Shi at her request. Two days later, he went to the laundry to take Xing back to the mansion. This may be because of the "old love" with Xing on her way north, or because she wants to find someone familiar with Wei to accompany her, but this makes the former mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have to face the dilemma of working together as a husband. They were extremely embarrassed, and because of this, at the request of Wei, Xing no longer called Wei his mother, but changed his name to "Madam". But Zong Xian was very kind to Wei Shi and treated him almost like his wife. In addition to Wei's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, he also got another princess, an imperial concubine and several imperial concubines and noble daughters, all of whom were very young women, but they were not as favored as Wei. 8. Pull the sleeve In the next few years, Zong Xian often went to the Privy Council in Yunzhong and Yanjing, and sometimes went to Dading Mansion in Zhongjing, and often took Wei Shi with him. Because Wei believed in Buddhism, Zong Xian allowed her to go to the temple to burn incense. In a temple in Yanjing, she met a monk named Daojing, who was from Chenliu, Tokyo. He became a monk during the Daguan period. During the Xuanhe period, he went north to Khitan for some reason. Later, the Khitan was destroyed by the Jin Dynasty, and he stayed in the north. Wei Shi often went to listen to him explain the meaning of the Sutra. One day, Dao Jing mentioned that he had gone to the city to preach a few days ago. He happened to see Zhao Ji and Zhao Huan, who were imprisoned in Yanjing. It was already very cold, but they were still wearing thin clothes, dim and shabby. Both of them were haggard. After hearing this, Wei Shi imagined Zhao Ji's tragic situation and felt sad. He pulled out the gold hairpin on his head and handed it to Dao Jing,plastic pallet bins, saying, "Please ask the master to exchange this hairpin for some money and buy some clothes for them." Before Dao Jing had promised, he heard someone behind him sneering. Wei Shi looked back and saw that it was Zong Xian. He was ashamed and afraid. He hung his head and waited for him to scold him.