The Queen's new clothes ...

Zhu Yang took Lu Datou into the house, although he did not formally appear in front of the whole family, but because he basically accompanied Zhu Yang wherever he went, most of his relatives also knew him.

Zhu Yang took Lu Datou into the house, although he did not formally appear in front of the whole family, but because he basically accompanied Zhu Yang wherever he went, most of his relatives also knew him. See he came to also smile to say hello, Lu Xiuci one by one after the response, was called by aunt to chat with the past. After a burst of pleasantries, the sister-in-law pulled Zhu Yang over with a posture of pulling a life-saving straw. But before he could speak, he saw two people coming down from upstairs. "What's the matter now?" He said as he went downstairs. Is that what you call fun? As if no one had seen it before, the doors and windows were closed and noisy, and the room they lived in was not allowed to choose by themselves. I didn't want to say it clearly. I didn't want it, so I left. Yin Jun repeatedly explained: "Alas!"! No, you really can't live in that room. It's not a guest room. It's my sister Yang's room. She doesn't like people to touch her things. "What's so great?"? My words are still here. If you don't let me live here, I won't live here. Let go. I'll go back to the city. "Junjun!" "What are you doing?" My sister-in-law shouted angrily? A roomful of people who don't know how to say hello? Only then did Yin Jun look over and see that all the adults in the family had arrived. He greeted everyone with a smile: "Uncle and aunt, are you back?"? Sister Yang Yang! Brother Lu, are you here, too? He still looks like a husky when he smiles, but he has no problem with his appearance. Zhu Yang and Lu Datou looked at each other, some things hide from ordinary people, but can not hide from the players. Zhu Yang patted his sister-in-law's hand and motioned her not to be angry. Then he hooked his hand at Yin Jun: "Come on,plastic pallet suppliers, come on!" Yin Jun ran after her since he was a child, and now he came over with one move. "What's the matter?" He said with the dog's head? Sister Yang Yang! Zhu Yang smiled. "Did you take this young lady to my room just now?" Perhaps the accumulation of power is too heavy, Yin Jun's face immediately flashed a guilty conscience, shyly said: "No!"! Just look at it, rest assured, the guest room is enough to live in, certainly can not occupy your room. The girl behind his words was unhappy and was about to threaten him with leaving when she saw Zhu Yang laughing happily. As if hearing a funny joke, she touched Yin Jun's dog's head: "Oh!"! I haven't seen you for months. You have a good sense of humor. "A pheasant is worthy to occupy my room. That's as true as if I would agree if you insisted." As soon as the girl and Yin Jun's face changed,collapsible pallet box, the girl screamed, "What are you talking about?" Zhu Yang didn't even look at her. With a smile on his face, he said to Yin Jun, "This chicken just came into my room and stepped on a few floors and touched those things. After a while, you all go up and give me the same change and wipe. Don't delay my sleep at night, do you know?" Yin Jun was afraid of her anger when he was young. When he saw the smile on her face, his heart missed a beat. After listening to her words, he immediately began to look for a rag. However, after a while, I don't know what kind of gas is encouraging him, which makes him more and more bold. She raised her head to criticize Zhu Yang and said, "Sister Yang Yang, I thought you were different from your parents. I didn't expect you to be so unreasonable. Can you not look at her with prejudice?" "I know what you think, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet suppliers, but where can a person not make mistakes, I have identified her in my life, if you drive her away, I also-" Before he had finished speaking, Zhu Yang snapped his fingers and recruited a man from the outside, who was the driver who drove them back. Pointing to the girl, Zhu Yang said, "Just throw it out and throw it on the national highway. Remember not to use my car. I like that car very much. I don't want to be able to take it in the future." "Oh, what are you doing?" The girl hurriedly struggled back, was carried up by the driver, also regardless of the outside eyes, directly to the outside of the village. Yin Jun looked at Zhu Yang in disbelief: "Sister Yang, you-" My sister-in-law immediately scolded him: "Shut up! Don't blame her and me today. I didn't stop my son, but let her, a young daughter, be a bad person. I should have kicked you out as soon as I came." Zhu Yang patted his sister-in-law on the shoulder and said, "No, no!"! Junjun is a good boy, but now he is just silly. The child should be taught well. Don't be fierce to him. ” She was so strong just now, but now everyone is confused, but the general parents of my children are good, if not, it must be the idea of being corrupted by outsiders, it is not difficult to understand. The sister-in-law saw that Zhu Yang had his own ideas, so she had to let them communicate with their peers. The man had already been driven away, so let her persuade him slowly. Zhu Yang waved to Yin Jun again and said with a smile, "Don't be angry with me. Come here, sister." Yin Jun came over with an expression that you would never finish today if you didn't explain to me. But as soon as he came over, the situation took a turn for the worse. Zhu Yang grabbed each other's hair and bumped into the table several times. Frightened relatives in the living room jumped up and saw Zhu Yang pulling each other's head back: "Oh!"! That's pretty stubborn. Two more. Followed by another clang! Then everyone actually saw a small point on Yin Jun's forehead, like a thorn, very small, if not for everyone ready to stop beating people, but also did not notice. Zhu Yang grabbed the small thorn quickly and pulled it out fiercely. The sharp thorn was less than one centimeter. Unexpectedly, he pulled out a thorn as long as several centimeters from Yin Jun's brain. The thing was still moving, and there was an ominous black gas on it. Zhu Yang threw the thing on the ground and crushed it with one foot. When her sister-in-law saw such a long thing pulled out of her son's head, she almost fainted on the spot. Tears immediately came down, busy holding the dizzy Yin Jun: "Jun Jun, are you all right?"? Junjun? Then he looked back at Zhu Yang and said, "Yang Yang, what's the matter?" Zhu Yang moved his feet away and picked up the thorn on the ground and handed it to his cousin: "This is the culprit of this guy's recent brain damage." Now Yin Jun was hit by Zhu Yang dizzy brain a little better, open eyes to see his mother crying. Startled: "Mom, what's wrong with you?"? Did my dad cheat on you? Mom, don't scare me. Big cousin is a dignified face, Wen Yan raised his hand a slap on the past,secondary containment pallet, but also thought of this guy's brain just pulled out such a thing, afraid to hit the good or bad, gnashed his teeth abruptly stopped.


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