The Throne of the End Times

Zhang Qing stretched out his hands with difficulty, holding the huge ball flat, only to feel that this seemingly ordinary ball has thousands of pounds of weight, although now he has more than 50 points of strength, in exchange for the current conversion, that is to say

Zhang Qing stretched out his hands with difficulty, holding the huge ball flat, only to feel that this seemingly ordinary ball has thousands of pounds of weight, although now he has more than 50 points of strength, in exchange for the current conversion, that is to say, Zhang Qing now has 5 tons of strength! However, although the strength of 5000 kilograms is strong, it is general to gather on both hands, plus Zhang Qing is now raising his hands horizontally, which consumes even more strength! Just stood about ten minutes of horse step, Zhang Qing felt that his hands had been numb and weak, at the same time, his waist is also extremely sore, which immediately made Zhang Qing nervous! A man's waist! Yang Tianfeng smiled at the corners of his mouth and said calmly, "No matter how long it takes, it won't have any effect!"! Instead, it will damage your body! "Well!"! Uncle Yang, how can I tie it up? "Zhang Qing only felt that his waist was extremely sore now, and estimated that he would not be able to hold on for another ten minutes at most!"! However, Zhang Qing has made up his mind to stick to it today anyway! Not to mention anything else, this Yang Tianfeng's skill is really too strong! His martial arts,precision welded tubes, if Zhang Qing can learn almost the same, then his own strength can definitely go up another floor! "Horse step, horse step!"! The key lies in the word'horse '! Yang Tianfeng said with a solemn face. The word'horse '? "Not bad!"! Zama step, can not stand still, but to stand out a'horse '! "Stand out a horse?" Zhang Qing asked as if he did not understand. Pretty good! Have you ever seen a man ride a horse? "I saw it on TV." Zhang Qing said with a smile. Yang Tianfeng did not take care of Zhang Qing, but said seriously: "The horse gallops, and the body falls with the horse.". Horse step is a basic footwork that our ancestors learned from riding a horse, so when you stand,Precision steel tubes, you have to stand together and stand out of thin air, just like a horse sitting under you! Yang Tianfeng said in a dignified manner: "The person is galloping with the horse, and the strength of the ups and downs is with the help of the horse, so you can't do kungfu, but it's different on the flat ground. Your strength of ups and downs is equivalent to integrating the horse into the body.". If you stand motionless, your body will not be able to coordinate. Originally, your own body is strong and nothing, but if you add a ball, it will be different! The ball is filled with mercury, although it is only a little, but the weight has reached more than three thousand catties, you hold this flat with both hands, naturally, you now show the disadvantage of the horse step! "So that's it!"! I said why is this round ball so heavy? Zhang Qing was suddenly enlightened. With your current horse-step method, all parts of the body simply can not be coordinated, strength can not be used on the point, side impact beams ,aluminium coated tubes, will naturally feel that the mercury ball is extremely heavy, in the long run, your own waist, hands, knees, will be out of order! When you really tie the right horse step, the coordination of all parts of the body will naturally be able to hold the ball easily! Only in this way can we achieve the effect of strengthening the body! "Is there such a reason?" Zhang Qing had no idea that a simple horse stance contained so many things in it. Look how I squat. Yang Tianfeng finished, also tied a horse step, Zhang Qing saw Yang Tianfeng's body together, as if people were constantly bumping on a horse. Ok! You try again! When Yang Tianfeng finished, Zhang Qing followed him directly. Squatting must reach the sole of the foot first. When you get up, the five fingers on the sole of the foot should stick to the ground like chicken feet. As soon as the five fingers stick to the ground, they will affect the bones and muscles of the calf. The knee will stand up naturally, the knee will stand up, the thigh will tighten, the waist will be lifted and the abdomen will be pulled in. This is hard work. Yang Tianfeng said sternly, "bend down, you need ducks and geese on the soles of your feet, webbed feet, and loose your fingers.". So the knees are loose, the thighs are loose, the waist is sitting, and the abdomen is bulging. "Between these slight ups and downs, keep changing the center of gravity of the whole body, so as to achieve their own coordination, so that their own strength can keep cooperating, and finally, to achieve the role of polishing their own strength.". ” "All right!"! Now, stand here by yourself for an hour! Yang Tianfeng dropped a word directly, the whole person turned back to his room. The first watch, the fifth watch continues today! Today, I finally recovered from the tiredness of a few days ago! Yeah, get ready! Break out the day after tomorrow! The brothers are so awesome! Ho ho! The book created a Book Friends Group: Era Throne: 252274810! Welcome brothers to join us! Let's discuss the development of this book together! Chapter 121 Tai Chi. Yang Tianfeng went directly back to his study to drink tea, leaving Zhang Qing alone in that bitter stand, but fortunately, Zhang Qing's own inner adjustment is relatively rapid, and soon he no longer left Yang Tianfeng to say anything to him alone! "What a surprise!"! This small horse step, there are so many reasons ah! I said why I was always knocked down by a blow when I fought with Uncle Yang. Zhang Qing's body rose and fell, and the thousands of pounds of mercury balls in his hands were shaking up and down with his own movement. Just a horse step, I am so far away from Uncle Yang, not to mention his martial arts! No way! I have to cultivate myself well! "I don't believe that our life as a savior can't practice these little actions well!" Zhang Qing thought, and he practiced the horse step more and more seriously. At the beginning, Zhang Qing just stood for more than ten minutes, and his shoulders and waist were extremely sore. As Yang Tianfeng said, he was shaking up and down, and all parts of his body were coordinated. Zhang Qing miraculously found that he felt unusually comfortable. Now he has stood for nearly half an hour, and his body has not felt too much discomfort! Only at the beginning, Zhang Qing's posture and exertion were not too standard, but with Zhang Qing's super mental strength,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, he soon found the shortcomings of his movements! So, in the whole process of body movement, Zhang Qing constantly adjusted.


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