Iron-blooded tenderness

The three thieves only knew the six-in-one knife skill, and Jing Tieshan looked at it for a while and had a well-thought-out plan.

The three thieves only knew the six-in-one knife skill, and Jing Tieshan looked at it for a while and had a well-thought-out plan. At this time, Cheng Han's eyes were scattered and gradually lost. Jing Tieshan went forward one vertical, carrying ten percent of the power to use the unique skill in the palm of the heart, damaging the heart and lung three links. The three thieves saw Jing Tieshan standing aside in a daze and had paid attention to him. Later, he teased Cheng Han so much that he didn't pay any attention to him. Three people never thought that Jing Tieshan actually knew kung fu, and as soon as he made a move, he was the best in the martial arts world. The three thieves were instantly palmed, their ribs were broken, and their internal organs were broken and killed on the spot. Jing Tieshan did not know how important it was, so he tried his best to deal with the unfashionable thieves. Cheng Han adjusted his breath and bowed with his hand. "I didn't expect the Jing brothers to be so strong in kung fu," he said. "Cheng thanked the Jing brothers for saving his life." Jing Tieshan felt that it was no big deal. He hurriedly replied, "It's a trivial matter. It's not worth mentioning." When Cheng Han heard that Jing Tieshan was modest and did not take credit, he wanted to make friends with him, so he said, "Brother Jing, please come to my humble abode and let Cheng do his best to be the host." Jing Tieshan see into Han sincere, he thought but the irreverent, then with into Han to the plain, live more than a month. In the meantime,pipe fittings manufacturer, they often talked all night and slept together. Cheng Han traveled all over the country, and his experience benefited Jing Tieshan a lot. Jing Tieshan thought that he could not disturb Cheng Han for too long, so he resolutely said goodbye to Cheng Han and wandered around the world alone with the wind. Zhu Yimou, the Satrap of Yecheng, walked back and forth uneasily in his official residence, and from his anxious eyes, it seemed that something big would happen. After waiting for a long time,stainless steel tube fitting, finally came the rapid sound of hooves at the gate, Zhu Yimou quickly stepped forward, a man dismounted and galloped. On one knee, the bearer arched his hands and said, "Your Excellency, Chief yuan, he was found in the ruins of Chiang's house outside the city." When Zhu Yimou heard this, his face sank, and his eyebrows were interlaced with sadness and disappointment. He sighed heavily and thought, "This is the fifth victim in two months.". Who the hell did this? Recently, a series of big cases happened in Yecheng, which made Zhu Yimou very headache. Thieves not only rob money, but also kidnap young girls and beautiful young women in the boudoir. Zhu Yimou is an honest and upright official, for this kind of thing happened in his jurisdiction, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,ball valve manufacturer, of course, to investigate. It's just that the police chief in the government office died one by one while investigating the case. Today this is the fifth one. Although Zhu Yimou posted a heavy reward, the case was still in a stalemate. There was a lot of discussion, saying that the two brothers of the giant camel villa outside the city were involved in serious suspicion, but there was no evidence, Zhu Yimou could not investigate, so he sent someone to secretly inspect, but most of the people sent lost their lives, Zhu Yimou really felt that a clever housewife could not cook a meal without rice. The people of the government office sent the body of Chief yuan back to the city. The people lined the streets to watch. Everyone felt frightened and uneasy. Invisibly, there seemed to be a pair of hands pinching their necks. Everyone felt insecure. Jing Tieshan turned a deaf ear to the noise outside the inn. He sat in the corner of the inn with a sad face, and his heroic expression of the past was gone. It's been a year and a half, and I haven't heard from you. No, she's so nice. God will bless her. Jing Tieshankou in her, of course, refers to Han Yunniang. Since I met Qi Ping on the Tao'an Ancient Road half a year ago, I learned from him that Han Yunniang had run away from home. In the past six months, Jing Tieshan has been looking around for the whereabouts of Han Yunniang. It's just that it's so easy to find a person in the vast sea of people. If Yun Niang avoids seeing her, she will not be conscious even if she passes by by mistake. As he drank, he had no idea at all and could only take one step at a time. The people in the inn looked at the coffin from upstairs and whispered to each other, "Oh, it's really not calm these days. Evil people and bandits are rampant. Even the government can't do anything about it.". We, the common people, have much to do with ourselves. "Isn't it?"? Don't think that poor people are all right. If there is a beautiful woman in the family, she will not suffer the same misfortune. When Jing Tieshan heard this, he waved his hand to the waiter. He stuffed a few copper coins into his hand and asked, "Has something big happened recently? Why is there a commotion all over the city?" The bartender looked at Jing Tieshan's costume and knew that he was a stranger. "You don't know," he said. "There have been a lot of tragedies in the city recently. The first one was Wang Dashan, who was killed at the entrance of the east lane two months ago. Then there were frequent reports of cases. The thieves who killed him that day robbed money and sex, and even the government was at a loss what to do. ” Jing Tieshan thought so many cases, will always find some clues, then asked: "Is there no suspect?" The bartender looked around, bowed his head and whispered, "I heard that the You brothers at the Giant Camel Villa in the east of the city were found at the scene of the murder. Unfortunately, the government couldn't find any evidence.". But it was true that the two brothers were lustful. Jing Tieshan has been worried that Han Yunniang alone, young and beautiful afraid will be kidnapped, so every place, Rouge flowers, the door of local tyrants and evil gentry, he will pay special attention. He made up his mind that he would rather kill by mistake than let it go. "Where is the Giant Camel Villa?" He asked. "The Giant Camel Villa is at the foot of Giant Camel Mountain, twenty miles east of the city," said the bartender. "What are you doing here?" Jing Tieshan said lightly: "Nothing, just ask." Jing Tieshan paid for the food and wine and walked to the Giant Camel Villa. It was already dusk when Jing Tieshan arrived at the Giant Camel Villa. Two servants guard the gate in front of the Giant Camel Villa. Jing Tieshan went around to the backyard and saw that the white female wall was about forty feet high. He thought, "The wall is so high. There must be something strange in it." Jing Tieshan stepped on his feet and gently jumped onto the wall. When Jing Tieshan heard the hubbub of voices in the village, he could not bear his curiosity. As soon as he moved, he flew to the roof. He hung upside down from the eaves and looked into the hall. Although the hall was empty and undecorated,14 tube fitting, there was a spring scene in which five naked women were playing with two disheveled men. This kind of extravagant scene has long been a common occurrence when Jingtieshan travels around. Suddenly the servant brought in three crying girls in white from the side door. Jing Tieshan was shocked and said to himself, "This is really a den of thieves." The two men grinned at the three women. One of them grinned grimly and said, "No one knows you're here. It's useless to cry any more. It's better to follow our wishes so that you can have a good life in the future." 。


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