Legend of the Archery Hero (Old Version)

Two days later, when I was very hungry, I suddenly heard a large group of people passing by the cave. They spoke the Jurchen language of Dajin.

Two days later, when I was very hungry, I suddenly heard a large group of people passing by the cave. They spoke the Jurchen language of Dajin. I went out to ask them for something to eat, and the prince who led the team saw that I was pitiful, so he took me in and took me all the way to Zhongdu Wangfu. Later, I learned that this prince was Prince Zhao, the sixth prince of the Great Jin Kingdom. I swept the floor for them in the back garden and practiced kungfu secretly at night. I practiced like this for several years, but no one could see it. I just thought I was a poor blind woman. That night, alas! The naughty little prince went to the back garden in the middle of the night to look for birds' eggs. He saw me practicing the silver whip and pestered me to teach him. I taught him three moves, and he learned them as soon as he learned them. He was really clever. I taught him so much that I passed on all kinds of kungfu to him. I just asked him to make a solemn oath that he was not allowed to say anything to anyone, not even to the princes and princesses. As long as he revealed a word, I would scratch his heavenly spirit cover as soon as I caught him. A few years later, the little prince said that he was going to Mongolia again. I begged the prince to take me to offer sacrifices to my husband's grave. The little prince said so for me. Of course, the prince agreed. The prince doted on him very much and did everything according to him. Alas! Of course I can't find the place where the thief man buried his bones. I want to seek revenge from the seven monsters in the south of the Yangtze River. Bad luck. The seven sons of the Quanzhen Sect are all in Mongolia. I can't see them. How can I defeat them? That Danyangzi Ma Yu's internal strength is really great, he does not speak hard, but the voice sent so far. The trip to Mongolia was finally worthwhile. Ma Yu was asked by me and passed on the secret of my internal skills. After returning to the palace, I dug a hole in the ground and practiced hard again. Alas! This internal skill is really impossible without anyone's advice. I practiced it vigorously, and with a strong rush, suddenly a breath came to the Dantian and couldn't come back. My lower body couldn't move. I don't allow the little prince to come to me. How does he know that I lost my temper when I practiced? If this boy hadn't broken in, I would have starved to death in that hole. Hum! It was the ghost of the thief man who hooked him. He asked him to save me. He asked me to kill him to avenge my husband. Ah, ha ha,tube fitting manufacturer, ha ha, ah, ha-ha, ha-ha! In the thirty-eighth round, the battle array passes on the merit. Mei Chaofeng laughed loudly, his body trembled, and his right hand pinched Guo Jing's neck. At the critical moment of life and death, Guo Jing grabbed her wrist with his backhand and snatched it outward. He received the authentic biography of Ma Yuxuanmen,38 needle valve, and after several years of practice, his internal force was already very strong. In addition, after taking the blood of the strange snake, he fought with Liang Ziweng and Wanyan Kang and fled. The potency of the medicine was already integrated with the martial arts. When he seized it, it turned out that Qi was like a pearl, and his strength was like steel. As soon as Mei Chaofeng was caught, his right hand was pulled away by him. He was taken aback: "This boy's kung fu is not bad!" Hit three times in a row, all of which were opened by Guo Jing with the power of his hand. Mei Chaofeng gave a long roar and clapped his palm at the top of the door. This was her unique skill in "destroying the palm of the heart". Guo Jing's kungfu was far from hers, and her left hand was firmly grasped by her. How could this move be resolved? Had to rise up the strength of life, raised his right hand strong block. Mei Chaofeng crossed his wrists and felt a shock on his arms. His whole body was hot. He immediately stopped. He thought to himself, "I have no one to guide me in practicing my internal skills. As a result, I was possessed by the devil and ended up with hemiplegia. This boy's internal skills have been handed down. Why don't I force him to say it?" Then he put his hand on Guo Jing's neck and said, "If you kill my husband, you don't have to count on his life.". But if you listen to me, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, I will let you die happily. If you are stubborn, I will torture you ten thousand times more than death. Guo Jing is silent. Mei Chaofeng added, "How did Danyangzi teach you to meditate?" Guo Jing knew in her heart: "Well, she wanted me to pass on her internal strength.". If I die, I will die. How can I add wings to a tiger and let this wicked woman increase her strength? Close your eyes at the moment. As soon as Mei Chaofeng exerted his left hand, Guo Jing felt a sharp pain on his wrist, but he had already crossed his heart and said, "If you want to get the true biography of Xuanmen, you should die as soon as possible." Mei Chaofeng relaxed his hand and said softly, "I promise to send your medicine to Wang Chuyi to save his life." Guo Jing in the heart one Rin: "Ah!"! This is a big deal. "Well," he said, "if you make a solemn oath, I'll tell you the way the Taoist Priest Ma passed on to me. "Mei Chaofeng was overjoyed and said," Guo.. After the smelly boy surnamed Guo told me about the internal skills of the Quanzhen Sect, if I, surnamed Mei, didn't give the medicine to Wang Chuyi, I would be unable to move my whole body and suffer forever. As soon as she finished her oath, suddenly someone in the first ten feet on her left shouted, "Smelly head, come out and die!" Guo Jing listened to the voice of the three-headed Jiaohou Tonghai. "It must be near here," said the other. "Don't worry, she can't escape." The two men walked away as they spoke. Guo Jing is frightened greatly: "So Rong Er still is here, and trace already was discovered by them." As soon as he thought about it, he said to Mei Chaofeng, "You must promise me one more thing. Otherwise, no matter how you torture me, I won't tell you the secret." "What else?" Asked Mei Chaofeng angrily. "I have a good friend, a little girl," said Guo Jing. "They are chasing her, so they must come to her rescue." Mei Chaofeng snorted, "How do I know she's there?"? Stop nagging and say it! Immediately the hand exerts oneself to do sth. Guo Jing gas is stuffy unusually, but still be very strong point, say: "Save not to save in you, say not to say in me." "All right," said Mei Chaofeng! According to your smelly boy, I can't imagine that Mei Chaofeng runs amuck all over the world and is at the mercy of your smelly boy today. Guo Jing raised his voice and shouted, "Rong'er, come here!"! Rong'er. As soon as he called out twice, there was a sudden sound. Huang Rong came out of the rose bushes beside her and said, "I've been here for a long time!" Guo Jing was overjoyed and said, "Rong'er, come quickly!"! She promised to save you, and no one else should embarrass you. Huang Rong listened to Guo Jing and Mei Chaofeng in the rose bushes. It had been quite a while. She was very moved to hear that he was thinking about her safety regardless of his own life. Two tears rolled down his cheeks and he shouted to Mei Chaofeng, "Mei Ruohua, let her go quickly." Mei Ruohua was Mei Chaofeng's real name before he joined the army. No one in Jianghu knew it. The name had not been called for decades. Suddenly, someone breathed it out of his mouth. The surprise was no small matter. He asked in a trembling voice,brass tube fitting, "Who are you?" Huang Rong said, "The magic sword is buried in the Qiluo pile, and the old guest star is in the sound of the flute and drum. My surname is Huang." 。 chinaroke.com


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