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Ji Min drank a mouthful of water and continued, "I was going to never come back here again!"! But the company just has a five-day vacation tour, originally wanted to refuse, but thought that the baby needs to relax, relax is also good for the fetus, so I came, anyway, do not sp

Ji Min drank a mouthful of water and continued, "I was going to never come back here again!"! But the company just has a five-day vacation tour, originally wanted to refuse, but thought that the baby needs to relax, relax is also good for the fetus, so I came, anyway, do not spend money. Ji Minjia smiled. Chen Shanshan suddenly said angrily, "You promised not to call me baby in front of others. You don't keep your word." Ji Min's family and I looked at each other and smiled. Ji Min's family raised their hands to apologize: "I'm sorry, my wife. I'm wrong." "How many months?" I asked. The baby is due in two and a half months. By the way, the doctor said it was twins. I was really excited to hear that. Ji Minjia looked at Chen Shanshan's face again, and his eyes were full of love. Is it? Then you must invite me to a wedding feast! I patted Ji Min on the shoulder. Sure, sure! Ji Minjia suddenly sighed and said, "At that time, I was so silly and superficial that I couldn't see the happiness around me, but my eyes were always staring at what I could never touch, and I wanted to get it!"! I now know that the distant stars can only be seen but not touched, it does not belong to me,plastic trash bins, but I was completely awakened by a timely blow. "The best" is not the most suitable, the most suitable is the best. With Shanshan, my life feels so full. I used to want to go out drinking and chatting all day. Now, after work, the first thing I want to do is to go home and eat the food cooked by my wife and see her more. "I can't see that you are really a lover!" I said with a smile. Now I know that beauty is not the whole of a woman. At best, it is only a small part. At that time, I was blinded by appearance,stackable plastic pallets, which made me lose the most basic judgment. But now I will not. Shanshan let me know a lot. I just want to thank her for everything she brought me. Ji Min's eyes looked at Chen Shanshan again. Hey, you're going to be so touchy-feely all the time, okay? I haven't had dinner yet. Don't make me unable to eat! Seeing Ji Min's sincere feelings, I am really happy for their two happy enemies, especially Chen Shanshan, such a kind girl should not be hurt. Ha ha, can not help it, who called my wife too good. What about you? Are you still working for the Diamond Eagle Company? Ji Minjia asked, his tone was very relaxed when he talked about Diamond Eagle Company, because he had put down everything about it. Diamond Eagle was just a noun for him, not a place with sad memories. Long gone, in fact, foldable bulk container ,euro plastic pallet, I am there to deal with you and Li Chunyu, since you are gone, of course, I do not need to stay there. I told Ji Min's family frankly. Ji Minjia patted me on the shoulder and said with a smile, "So you and I should be enemies. But I really want to thank you. Shanshan has told me what happened. Thank you for helping her when she was hurt the most." "In fact, no one wants to hurt such a kind and innocent girl. All I can do is to make up for my mistakes." I saw that Chen Shanshan had poured a cup of cold water into her stomach and asked hurriedly, "Haven't you ordered anything to eat yet? Look, your baby is hungry." "Really, baby, whatever you want." Ji Min's family hurriedly called the waiter for the menu. I want to drink wine! Chen Shanshan said without looking at the menu. Baby, you can't drink because you're pregnant! Hearing what Chen Shanshan ordered, Ji Min's family turned pale with fright. I told you not to shout baby, but you still shouted, and you lost my face. Chen Shanshan pouted her mouth. I was wrong, okay? You want our baby to be born an alcoholic? So, change one, how about drinking fresh orange juice? Vitamins are rich and beneficial to the body. Watermelon juice or apple juice? Can't I beg you? At this time, Ji Min's family did not have the aggressive momentum of the shopping mall in those days. They only knew to turn around their lover obediently. I wanted to laugh when I looked at his five good husbands. I said before, Ji Min's family bullied you to tell me, I will teach him a lesson, you are not polite to have grievances, just tell me. I smiled and said to Chen Shanshan. Chen Shanshan hurriedly waved her hand and said, "Thank you, Manager Zhou. My husband is very kind to me. He just nagged me a little. When people do something, they talk endlessly and treat them like children." If you are pregnant, you should have a good rest. What should you do? What should I do if I'm tired? Ji Min's eyebrows are all up. I can't stand you two. You just stopped for a while and came again. I put on a look like I wanted to throw up, but I was really happy for their love. Husband, husband, where are you. The call of snow came from the hall next door, and I got up hurriedly. I'm accompanying my girlfriend to her class reunion, and this will slip out, and now she's already looking for someone. I have to go right now. I looked at an anxious figure in front of me and said. Oh, I almost forgot. Have you been in trouble recently? Ji Min's family suddenly asked. Yes, trouble! How do you know that? I was surprised that Ji Min's family was well informed. No, I'm well informed. Ji Min's family saw through what I thought. "Instead, a man sent me several e-mails, saying that he knew I had a problem with you and wanted to deal with you with me, but I ignored him. Then there was no movement. Now I think of it and ask." Do you know who it is? Do you have a name? I asked. I don't know, and the email address is foreign. I can't find it out at all. But I remind you to be careful. After all, it's easy to hide, but it's hard to guard against. It seems that he wants to deal with you. Only a few people know that I have a problem with you,drum spill containment, and I have been away from this city for a long time. Everything about me is brand new. I don't use anything before, but he can still find me, which shows that he has a heart. Maybe I'm not the only one he contacts. Ji Min's family kindly reminded me. I'm not afraid of the plot of a villain. Come if you want to! I have great confidence in my own strength. cnplasticpallet.com


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