Purple eyes and butterfly wings

The ghost lies comfortably on my shoulder, anyway, when I fly, it is not bumpy, it is happy and comfortable. Oh, which guy without eyes is so annoying in the middle of the road?

The ghost lies comfortably on my shoulder, anyway, when I fly, it is not bumpy, it is happy and comfortable. Oh, which guy without eyes is so annoying in the middle of the road? Not to mention the lovely owner who hit it, he also hit it. He rubbed his forehead and found that the guy who didn't have eyes didn't seem to be one. It's a pile, and it also includes its lovely owner. As soon as he came back, he saw Chuyang in a circle, expecting that there must be something good, and no matter how the nether world lying on his shoulders thought, he gave full play to the nature of the chicken woman and squeezed up. A big cocoon? I was stupefied for a moment, and before I could come to my senses, the big cocoon broke open and came out in red. Miao Lin? This was something that took my brain a long time to realize. Miao Lin grinned and said, "I haven't seen you for a few days. Why do I feel that you have really degenerated to the point where your appearance is inversely proportional?" I patted her and said, "Isn't it because you disappeared that no one shared my wisdom?" "Master!"! Who is this flashy guy? The nether world is very uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, how dare to ignore it as soon as we meet? How dare you plagiarize the Nirvana way of the Magic Feather Clan to break cocoons into butterflies? How dare you put your hands on its owner? What makes the nether world even more depressing is that its owner did not react at all when he heard it speak, but was the guy who was ridiculed as "fancy" by it. "Wow!"! Have a good time! Miao Lin's hand kept pulling back and forth on the long pointed ears of the nether world: "Is this the long-tongued guy Bai Ze you said?" A guy with a long tongue?! I was stunned for a moment, and then I saw the eyes of the nether world shooting at me. Ah,plastic pallet supplier, Miao Lin, when did you learn to sow dissension? "All right, Xiao Xiang is here, so let's go!" In view of the fact that Yiran is warming up with someone to be a bird, Chuyang had to open his mouth. Wait, I'm going to buy medicine. I flew to the medicine shop and bought enough red medicine and blue medicine to support a group of people. Anyway, I just came from the Qin Smoke House and had enough shareholders'dividends in my pocket to make all the rich people jealous. I didn't know that my action made them sweat. That,plastic wheelie bins, Xiao Xiang. We also asked others to go together ~ "also weak weak mouth." Others I was stunned for a moment, but don't you know that if one less person goes, one less person will share the things that burst out? But after seeing Yiran's eyes glancing at the shadowy moonlit night and the blushing expression of the guy who always likes to play cool, I came to a conclusion: Yang Yiran's classmate's spring is finally coming. "It's a group of them who are free and easy prodigals!" Tut-tut, the prodigal son is really pitiful, originally there were few people in the team, and we forced an elite away ~ three seconds of silence.. "Well, they may already be waiting for us in the underworld." The clothes on Mo Yan's body attracted my attention: "Oh, it's made of the starlight material I collected in the brilliant stars. Isn't it beautiful?" Mo Yan explained. As I flew, I complained to Mo Yan: "Why didn't you leave us some?" It used to be fine, but it's ugly and always remembers us. Look at it now. Alas. I can't help it. I can't resist the price they offered. "Mo Yan's long eyelashes flashed like a fan:" The sewing shop I opened has a very good profit! Although not as good as your Qin Yanguan ~ I waved my hand and said, "Qin Yanguan is not a good property. It's just a little better than a casino." I wanted to go back and see if anyone was making trouble, but I found that I was totally superfluous. With Wei Xiaobao, Chu Liuxiang and even Song Qinzong, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bin, what could happen to the Qin Smoke House? Finished also sighed, Qin Yanguan is now really famous, oh, really actually brought the emperor. Said, has arrived at the underworld, saw the people, smoothly transmitted to the first hall, this time Meng Po did not say anything, just told us to be more careful. In fact, this master. Not bad, either! I was a little touched. Be careful, everyone! This is the King of Hell in the Tenth Palace, the Wheel King in the Tenth Palace. The hall is located outside the fertile stone of the nether world, facing the five turbid places of the world due east. There are six bridges with gold, silver, jade, wooden boards and so on. Specializes in the temple solution to the ghost, under the small hell 16! This is not Avanti's reminder-because he is not very interested in this ancient superstition, this is the ghost shouted out, it stayed in the underworld for a long time, naturally know what happened to the ten palaces of Yama. Sure enough, after the nether world shouted, sixteen ghost fires flashed out faintly: Wheel Hell, level 16 monster, immune to poisoning. KAO! If I am immune to poisoning, the power of my Ice Soul Silver Needle will be reduced by half! I am indignant in the heart, coupled with the state of congenital work, facing the front of the ghost fire is a celestial flying fairy! The rest of the people have also attacked, Miao Lin two days did not see a lot of strength, almost a person can deal with a hell, from time to time to the ghost fire to a charm and'dragnet ', fortunately she was surrounded by Chu Yang for her to pull other strange. The phantom effect of my boots is also fully revealed at the moment, because of the rapid speed, a blurred phantom in the air disturbed the line of sight of the ghost fire, plus enough to crush a cow's potion, the sixteen small hell we deal with is still easy, but with the brilliant star as a lesson we still dare not be careless, the brilliant star in Xiaoguai still has the weakness of attribute attack. But these sixteen ghost fires are obviously not enough to make people headache. Ha ha, yes, obviously the younger generation is awesome. "A burst of laughter came out:" But that's all! " Everyone began to be nervous, fearing that the road to the nether world would be as brilliant as the stars, and that the strength of the monster would increase geometrically, which is the ten palaces of Yama. Double down ten times and get a shiver. Hum, don't pretend to be a ghost if you're already here. Don't you want to come out and meet your old friend,spill plastic pallet, Wheel King? With a sneer, the nether world apparently ignored a BOSS in the corner. What old friend? It's Xiao Xiao. The arrogant man in the shadow came out and said, "What did we fix at the beginning? Now we seem to have forgotten it." 。 cnplasticpallet.com


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