Farewell to yesterday VIP end + 8 extra chapters

"That Lou Yijie is the one who gave Tang Ke a love letter a few days ago. He looks good, but I still think Qian Cheng in our class is handsome.

"That Lou Yijie is the one who gave Tang Ke a love letter a few days ago. He looks good, but I still think Qian Cheng in our class is handsome. You said that a handsome man and a beautiful woman in this grade are all in our class, so I envy the people in other classes." Li Fei finished, with an intoxicated expression on her face, and of course she appreciated Qian Cheng very much. By the way, I also think that Gao Hang, the commissary in charge of studies in Class 1 of Senior Three, is very handsome and has good grades. Tang Ke, why don't you take him down and let the sisters get close contact from time to time? Li Fei is absolutely addicted, as long as the topic of handsome men, she can not stop. I pointed to her bowl and reminded her, "We're almost finished. You haven't eaten much yet. We'll go first, but we won't wait for you." Li Fei gave me a white look and had to stop talking and pick up the rice. I really do not want to understand, like Li Fei so concerned about handsome men, it is reasonable to say that learning will be more or less distracted, but Li Fei is not, the results are still excellent, the student number is our class No.3, the top students in the top students, ah, unlike me since I entered the Xuejun, from the original junior high school top students to the ordinary students who are only wandering in the upper and middle reaches of the class. What's more, because of the failure of the senior high school entrance examination,stesweet stevia, I went in by adding points, but my student number was 42, which was really a shame. We finished our meal and hurried to Room 303 of the laboratory building. Not long after we sat down, Li Fei turned around and looked at me with a smile. I got goose bumps when I saw her. I quickly pushed her shoulder and asked, "What are you doing with this expression? Say something quickly!" "Come and see for yourself." Li Fei pointed to his desk. I took a glance at the table. There were some words written on it, but I couldn't see what they were. Look at what, look at a few words? I'm a little annoyed. I think Li Fei is particularly eventful today. Just a few broken words are so exciting. What do you mean by a few words? Don't you look at what it says? Her tone and expression at this time let my curiosity also inexplicably increased a little, I had to raise the body to lie down and look carefully, this time finally saw these words-Tang Ke,jujube seed powder, I like you. Boom! My brain suddenly short-circuited, how, how can, scribble these things on the school public desk!!! Just then, the chemistry teacher, who was about to start the class as soon as the bell rang, saw that I was making a lot of noise and asked casually. Li Fei, Tang Ke, what are you two so excited about? The question shocked me so much that I couldn't move, so I quickly replied, "Nothing." The male classmate who had a good thing at the next table leaned over, and I quickly covered it with my hand. At this time, my movements were quite exaggerated, half of my body crossed the desk, people were bent, and my hands were still covered on Li Fei's desk. It's like when a cat is stretching. This action attracted the curiosity of other students. I was going to give up this fearless struggle and look angrily at Li Fei, ghana seed extract ,carnosic acid price, meaning, "It's all your fault, you busybody.". The good boy immediately poked his head over, and when he saw the words in front of him, he was surprised, and then he smirked at me maliciously. When the bell finally rang, the chemistry teacher did not ask again and began the class. The classmates around the good boy poked him on the back one after another, and they all looked at the words on the gossip table. The schoolboy arrives is generous, low voice says to the classmate around him: "Above writing Tang Ke I like you these a few words." This time, the whole class was passing it around in a low voice, and from time to time they threw me a playful laugh. No matter how calm I am, my face is still slightly embarrassed. Until the end of the chemistry class, many people gathered around Li Fei's desk to look at the so-called six words and chatter about who left them. Guess strange, so many people in the school, and so many classes have been in this classroom, not to mention you know when he wrote. Li Fei walked behind me, hesitating to speak. Yaying pulled me and said in a low voice, "It's not all Li Fei's fault. It just happened that she was sitting in that seat. She didn't expect it to be like this. Can't you forgive her?" I didn't say anything. Then Li Fei pulled me again. Her face was full of apologies. I was going to forgive her as soon as my heart softened. I don't really blame you, but I blame the person who scribbled. "Li Fei saw me say so, exhaled, patted me on the shoulder, said:" I really scared sister, I thought you really hate me. Chapter 3 First Meeting My mood of the day became more irritable because of these words, and I once again "succeeded" in standing on the cusp of gossip. Last time, it was because Lou Yijie asked a girl in her class to send me a love letter. Although they are all key high school students, everything is based on learning, but there is gossip delivered to your door, more or less quite interested, human nature, who does not have a little curiosity. But the protagonist of gossip is me, I am the object of entertainment, can the mood be good? Besides, I'm so thin-skinned. Until after school, I have been unhappy, Wenwen really can't stand my appearance, pushed me, "Tang Ke, it's a good thing to be confessed, we don't want it yet, we know why people talk about you, it's not because we envy you, you're good, you're not happy, show us your face, you are really cruel!" Envy me? Don't you see how people look at me? If I go on like this, I will be the center of gossip and the object of entertainment, do you know? I said in a plaintive tone. Tang Ke! I heard someone calling me, looked forward, and saw my mother standing beside a car waiting for me to leave school. I turned to Wenwen in the back and said, "I'll go first. My mother came to pick me up." Then he trotted in the direction of his mother. Why did you come to pick me up? I gasped and stood beside my mother and asked doubtfully. My mother stroked my hair and asked me cautiously in a Consultative tone, "Uncle Xia invited us to dinner. Will you go?" "Which Uncle Xia?"? The one we talked about this morning,turmeric extract powder, why, just mentioned him in the morning, he courteously invited me to dinner in the afternoon. I'm a little unhappy. How can there be such an impatient person who wants to please me? It's not such a good thing. prius-biotech.com