1976 of Rebirth

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"It's not that there's something wrong at home, but that someone in his family is not in good health.

"It's not that there's something wrong at home, but that someone in his family is not in good health. Especially there is a son in his family. Don't listen to him say that his son is very healthy and lively. Sometimes the body looks healthy, not necessarily the body is really so healthy. Although he says that he takes good care of the child, his child is not well taken care of, but the problem is still the problem." Some strange words suddenly came from behind. Everyone doesn't have to look back to know who said that, for why he said that Han Wenyang, we all know in our hearts, since everyone and his relationship will maintain a superficial relationship, turn to have a good relationship with Han Wenyang, his face has been there for a long time, there is no less sarcastic remarks, everyone often says in private, no wonder he is not a doctor. Maybe he has such a temper, offends the leader, the leader gives him small shoes to wear, and don't look at how many years of experience he has as a doctor, but we always feel that either he hides and refuses to give you answers, or he is a half-baked doctor, otherwise how can he not even answer simple questions? On the contrary, it is not as good as Han Wenyang who has not studied medicine for a long time. The result of everyone's analysis is that his level is not good, plus there is no classmate relationship, so everyone is more and more maintaining a relationship with him, and he blames Han Wenyang for not being so popular in the class. What do you mean by that? Someone jumped up. Is there such a person? It's too much. This person's heart is really very bad. Because Han Wenyang forgot something, he rushed back, went to the door of the classroom, heard someone say this, the fire in his heart, ah, what does this mean, cursing his own children? He pulled his face up, walked slowly into the classroom, and then picked up the things he had forgotten,water bottling line, and the people in the class saw Han Wenyang's cold expression, there was only one thought in their hearts, that is, don't look at someone who often smiles at everyone, in fact, he started a fire, that anger is also quite big, we also understand Han Wenyang's idea, change to who? When you hear someone cursing your family's health, you must be angry. Han Wenyang went to the door of the classroom, just when everyone thought he would let Jiang Huaimin go, "Jiang Huaimin Jiang classmate, everyone is born in this world, is to eat grains, it is impossible not to get sick, if people really don't get sick, juice filling machine ,juice filling machine, what do we doctors do? But don't you think you as a doctor, you say so, is it a bit too much?" Why is it in your mind that someone's family is not healthy and sick? Although Han Wenyang's tone is very gentle, but the meaning of the words is asking, "Is it that Jiang classmate has something to do at home, that is, your family is not healthy?" Han Wenyang asked in reply. Everyone heard Han Wenyang's rebuttal. Some people, in line with the idea of not offending any party, did not utter a word. Some people, who were close to Han Wenyang, immediately supported him. "Oh, so that's it. I said that, how did Jiang immediately say that the child was ill when he heard Xiao Han say that something was going on at home?" The child's health is not very good. From the words, you can hear who has a good relationship with, one is Jiang classmate, the other is Xiao Han, everything is expressed in the words. Classmate Jiang, if your child is not in good health, as a father and a medical student, why can't you help your child take good care of his body? "I don't think it's good. Otherwise, the last time I asked such a simple question, he couldn't answer it. Later, I asked Xiao Han how long he had studied medicine, and the answer was not clear." Someone said sarcastically that he was really angry when he saw his talented appearance. If you really have the level, just forget it. Maybe it's just half a bottle of water. Alas, poor child, obviously the father is a doctor, unexpectedly will not give the child recuperation. Someone picked up the injustice for Jiang Huaimin's son. Jiang Huaimin did not think that after he habitually said such a sentence, the victim Han Wenyang only needed to say a word, which would lead to so many comments, especially the meaning of their words actually pulled to his own son, Jiang Huaimin was so angry in his heart, but he comforted himself that he had to hold back and think about how he had come out of the unit. I was admitted to a medical university with my breath in my mouth, expecting that after I graduated from the university, I would swagger back to the original unit and let those people see that I was a college student with an authentic class background. At that time, who else in medicine dared to look down on me and say that my level was poor, and let my mother-in-law take a good look at me and let her know that although I was in the hospital, But that is oneself do not want to do, want to read, wait for oneself to read a book to go back, the position is not to let oneself pick? So thinking of this, Jiang Huaimin endured this anger, thinking in his heart that it was only five years, and that he had survived those years, and that these five years were nothing. Wrong, I'm not studying pediatrics, I'm studying surgery, so it's normal that Jiang won't help his son take care of his body. Finally came out a person who seemed to speak for Jiang Huaimin, but soon he changed his words, "But isn't the foundation of medicine almost the same? Speaking of it, it's quite surprising that a doctor can't take good care of a child." Hearing this,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, how could Jiang Huaimin hold back the fire in his heart? "What do you mean? What do you mean? Even if you blame me, is it necessary to pull the child? When did my son offend you?" Jiang Huaimin's face turned red, and he was very angry. gzxilinear.com