Lu Shao's Powerful Sweet Wife

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He looked at Lu Yixiu and burst out laughing: "Where did you find this girl?"? It's so cute. You really have a good eye. Lu Yixiu nodded deeply: "Uh-huh, that's of course.". But where did you find it? You don't have to worry about it at such an old age. Even if you go to look for it, you can't find it like this. Mr. Lu was nearly choked by his own saliva. Pointing to Lu Yixiu, he blushed with an old face: "You boy, even Grandpa dares to tease!" "Well, Grandpa, aren't you going to give the steamed stuffed bun a gift?"? I've been waiting for a long time, and those who don't know think you're stingy and unwilling to take it out! Mr. Lu and Xiao Qianyu: ".." Waving for Xiao Qianyu to come to him, Mr. Lu took out a very small wooden box from his bosom. The color of the box should be some years old, the patterns on it are worn flat, and some of them can not even be seen clearly. He opened the box to reveal a phoenix tail ring inlaid with several different colored gems. Just look at the tiny gem, you can see the value of this ring. Xiao Qianyu took a look and liked it very much. It's just that it's incredible to give her such a valuable thing for the first time. Chapter 339. 340 was fooled. Xiao Qianyu instinctively wanted to refuse. But Mr. Lu picked up the ring and put it in front of her. "Come on, little girl, try it first. If you can't wear it,Pallet rack supplier, I won't give it to you.". This ring is said to be very spiritual. If she doesn't choose you as her master, you can't wear it. If she chooses you, it's yours. Xiao Qianyu some do not believe, there is such a magical ring ah? The ring is not a person, and there is no thought. Curiously,radio shuttle racking, she took the ring from Mr. Lu's hand and put it on the middle finger of her left hand. I put it on at once. Lu hurriedly laughed: "Ha ha, little girl, it seems that this ring is the choice of you, that is yours." Xiao Qianyu Leng Leng looked at the ring on the hand, not to say that there is spirituality, will choose their own master? Why doesn't she feel anything? You can't take off the steamed stuffed bun if you put it on. This ring is the ancestral phoenix ring of our Lu family, which has been passed down for thousands of years. It is a token of love for the future daughter-in-law of the Lu family. This phoenix ring was a symbol of the queen's status thousands of years ago, so. After putting on the phoenix ring, he was a member of the Lu family, and she would be his daughter-in-law in the future, Pallet rack beams ,Industrial pallet rack, and she could not run away. Lu Yixiu quietly reached out his hand and made an OK gesture to Mr. Lu, and then extended his thumb. The old man did a great job this time. You can make up such a lie about spirituality. It's amazing. At first, he was worried that Xiao Qianyu would not easily accept Feng Jie. I didn't expect the old man to come out and get it done in a word. Not to mention that ginger is still old and hot! Xiao Qianyu looked at the phoenix ring on his finger and wanted to cry. Why did she have the feeling of being fooled by Mr. Lu and Lu Yixiu? Didn't you say that you only saw the old man and asked him to approve her to go on a mission with them? I just met her, and I haven't opened my mouth yet. Even the token of love has been put on her. Is there such a thing? Speaking of it, she put it on on her own initiative. Come on, come and sit down to eat. The food will be cold soon. Lu Laozi saw that Xiao Qianyu seemed to understand the intention of their grandparents and grandchildren at this moment, took a look at Lu Yixiu, and smiled in a low voice. He first went to sit at the Eight Immortals table and beckoned to both of them. Lu Qianyu had already served a table full of food, and now the smell of the food drifted over, and Xiao Qianyu could not help swallowing saliva. Touching the phoenix ring on his hand, Xiao Qianyu looked up and stared at Lu Yixiu in frustration, and went to the Eight Immortals table and sat down. Lu Yixiu raised his lips and went to sit down next to Xiao Qianyu in a good mood, hinting at Lu Laozi. Master Lu understood and took a piece of braised pork in brown sauce to Xiao Qianyu. He said with a smile, "Little girl, I heard you're going on a mission with Ah Xiu. It's so dangerous. Aren't you afraid?" As soon as Xiao Qianyu heard that he had got down to business, he quickly looked up at Mr. Lu and nodded earnestly: "I'm not afraid. Isn't there anyone else?" She did not know whether Lu Yixiu had told Mr. Lu about her background, nor did she dare to say a word more before him. "Good boy, you have that heart on the line, you a girl, or do not participate in such a dangerous thing, stay at home with me this old man how?" Mr. Lu felt that even if Xiao Qianyu was more powerful, but he was still young, it was better not to let her do dangerous things. Xiao Qianyu this can not do, she came to see Mr. Lu is to want to work with Lu Yixiu. Now Mr. Lu won't let her go. How can that work. Chapter 340. 341 regret it. She looked at Lu Yixiu bitterly and reached out to take off the phoenix ring on her hand. Grandpa, I think it's better to let Baozi go with us. You are always so busy and need someone to accompany you. Lu Yixiu's hand pinched Xiao Qianyu's hand wearing the phoenix ring under the table to prevent her from taking off the ring. I decided to take Baozi with us, Grandpa. Lu Yixiu said very firmly this time. The old man Lu looked at the posture of the two men, and there was nothing he didn't understand. No matter how powerful his grandson is, he will be eaten to death by a girl. He nods helplessly: "Go, must pay attention to safety." For Lu Yixiu, he is more at ease. Xiao Qianyu did not say a word when he came out of the old man's yard after dinner. It was not until he returned to Lu Yixiu's residence that Xiao Qianyu raised his left hand in front of Lu Yixiu and looked at the phoenix ring on his finger: "Can you take it off now?" Now that Mr. Lu has agreed to take part in tomorrow's action, there is no need to wear the ring. Although this thing looks good, it always feels too dazzling to wear on the hand. If you take it off now, it only means that I have no place in your heart. Lu Yixiu's voice was a little low. He grabbed Xiao Qianyu's little hand and put it in his palm. He looked at Xiao Qianyu and said,Cantilever Storage rack, "Baozi, do you really want to pick it?" There was a little grievance in his voice. Xiao Qianyu suddenly felt that he was too cruel, how could she make Lu Yixiu sad.


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