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When the giffin had finished speaking, Fa Zheng pointed to the map on one side and said, "Besides, if we want to seize Yong Liang, we can send more

"Before.." I was a little hurt when I came to this world before. But it will be all right soon. Tsunayoshi answered, a little afraid to look up. Then he immediately pointed the spearhead at the skylark. "How did the senior skylark come here?" The skylark narrowed his eyes and saw that there was really nothing wrong with him. "It's a baby." “reborn?” I'm going to find him. He told me to jump off the roof and find out the answer. …… Senior Skylark.. Don't tell me.. You really jumped.. On the other hand, one of the crew members on the ship stepped quickly and ran towards the captain who was singing folk songs. He opened the door with a groan and gasped, "No!"! Captain! There's a pirate (with the wrong script)! "Make a fuss." "Red Nose captain some disapprovingly," let those trashy things rise to copy a fellow. The consequence of this command is that it leads to the following conversation: "Jacko, do you know why I came to be a hunter?" Leoli stood on the deck of the stormy ship, looking into the distance. I do not know Xiaojie answered honestly. Because of the money. A hunter can have a lot of money, a lot of cars and women! Leo suddenly shook Jacko with unusual excitement and shouted. Leo, I don't agree with you. Your values are too superficial. Said Kulapica, standing by and staring at Leoli. Call me Mr. Leoli! Why, your reason is very noble? Leo looked unhappily at Kulapica. Kulapica glanced at the hunter examiner certificate held by the red-nosed captain behind him. "I'm for revenge.". I want to be a bounty hunter, and I want to kill all the spiders that are killing the Gulutas, the Phantom Brigade. "No matter how well you say it." It's no use talking about anything if we don't deal with the pirates on the other side first! There's more! Why are we dealing with that strange pirate ship?! What do your crew eat?! With an angry look on his face, Leoli grabbed the captain's front and spat wildly. Tsunayoshi looked at the vast black sea wrapped in mist, and suddenly there was a flicker of light, like a ghost approaching. At less than 800 meters, it could be seen that it was an unknown ship with a black and red flag. Ah My crew is a non-combatant. All accidents and disputes here are the responsibility of the examinees. But I think, except for you, the others are still in the cabin and are only one breath away. The red-nosed captain took a puff of smoke and calmly looked at Tsunayoshi,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, who was still being pulled by the skylark. Look what I do.. Hey, what do you mean.. Just as Tsunayoshi looked at the captain's teasing eyes with black lines on his face, the opposite ship had already come over. Leoli, let's focus on the enemy. Kulapica took out his double knife. I told you! You're going to call me Mr. Leoli, asshole! His mouth hated, but Leoli pulled his short blade out from behind. Xiaojie walked to Tsunayoshi's side, silently put the fishing rod on his shoulder, quietly listening to the enemy's "pedal" footsteps getting closer and closer when he stepped on the deck of the ship. Hey, hey, don't be nervous. No one saw him, glass cream jars ,30ml Dropper Bottle, but he heard a lazy voice coming from the darkness that made Tsunayoshi feel familiar. Boatman, listen up. Put your hands behind your head. Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who refuse. I saw a white megaphone to take the lead in breaking out, "it's not easy for me to be interested in playing One Piece." Tsunayoshi looked up and saw his turquoise hair, but what he was wearing on his head was not the frog hat he had worn before, but a golden straw hat with a red ribbon. Standing at the bow of the boat with a righteous face, he said to them, "I am the man who wants to be the king of pirates, so you should follow me." The author has something to say: This chapter me is written with a happy mood ~ because I think this chapter is written with entertainment ~ So, if you can write Bo Jun a smile, please hold hands and smile! To be able to read my article here together is also a kind of fate. (No, laugh.) Master's token of love "I am the man who wants to be One Piece, so you can follow me.". ” Tsunayoshi looked up slightly at the Balian member ten years later, feeling that his straw hat was the only one shining in the dark sea. He felt that even the storm could not make him afraid. Original Leoli kept holding his broadsword in his hand and was stunned for a long time, saying, "It turns out to be a young boy who doesn't know what to do." This is cosplay, which is very popular now. Uncle, you are really out of date. Fran took off his piercing straw hat and replaced it with his frog hat, jumping in front of everyone with both feet. Kurapica still did not relax his vigilance, because he found that after this strange teenager, there was a strange sound of footsteps approaching them. Hee Hee Hee. Prince, I didn't even open my mouth. What are you talking about here? The crowd saw a crown slanting on a person's scattered hair, too long hair directly covered the eyes, leaving only an elegant jaw alarming. As soon as Bell stepped out of the mist, he kicked Fran's poor frog's head with the other foot, and laughed strangely from time to time. Senior, are you too idle. We came up here to rob, and they should be the target of your target. For example, the yellow-haired shemale boy (mistake), or the bearded uncle who pretends to be young (correct solution). So far as Fran spoke, Tsunayoshi found that he had not looked in the direction of himself and Skylark. Didn't see.. Didn't see.. I didn't see anything.. Tsunayoshi can stand behind the cold skylark as if nothing happened, but Kulapica and Leoli seem to complain about it. What did you say? Say it again if you can, you frog boy! Leoli was the first to hold back his anger and was about to draw a knife. Leo,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, you need to calm down. Kulapica looked at the pirate team composed of only two people in front of him, but he was weighing the strength of the two people in his heart. Call Mr. Leoli! I've had enough! Get out of my way with the dirty blood of the Kuluta! Leoli finally broke out, and both sides of him were eager to vent their anger. penghuangbottle.com


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