Blood Pupil Sorcerer _ Pai Pai Novel

When the giffin had finished speaking, Fa Zheng pointed to the map on one side and said, "Besides, if we want to seize Yong Liang, we can send more

Do not insist, "twelve days are white bone banner, as the name implies, that is to say, there will be twelve such skeletons, now just come to the first Han Gongzi suffered internal injuries, how can this be?" OK Long Jiu said as if unintentionally. Miss Long can rest assured that as long as I still have a breath, I will never let these evil spirits succeed. Han Weichen said firmly. Long Jiu was noncommittal. Is really pedantic person, would rather oneself hard resistance also don't want to know from oneself mouth these twelve days all white bone banner flaw in where? Suddenly there was warmth in my hand. Temperature, Han Lang gently held Long Jiu's small hand and shook his head, looking at Han Lang's eyes, Long Jiu curled his mouth, anyway, he would not play to death, what is nervous. Come on, follow me. I don't care if you lose it. Long Jiu lifted his feet and walked forward. Yi'er and others followed him consciously. Han Weichen took back his flying sword and tightened it. Pursed his lips and followed the procession without saying a word. Although the wind was blowing in front of him and there was black fog around him, Long Jiu was as comfortable as walking at home, turning left. After turning right for a while, Long Jiu stopped, and all the people behind her stopped waiting for her to speak. The front is the eye, there will also be a skeleton guard, but this skeleton is different from the others, it can be constantly combined and regenerated,D BHB Factory, if you want to go out, you must destroy it. The secret of its regeneration is that there is a special bone different from others, although I don't know which bone it is, but as long as it is broken and regenerated. That piece of bone will emit a faint green light, wait for me, eldest brother, small Che Che together to attack it, after finding that bone, Han Gongzi asked you to twist with a flying sword. Kill it,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, must completely crush the skeleton, so as to destroy the skeleton, the other people are left in place. Long Jiu's clear voice said faintly. All the people behind her nodded their heads to show their understanding. "Do it!" Long Jiu shot forward at the tip of his toes, and the sound of "Dong Dong" sounded, the eyes of the guard array. The skeleton felt the energy of Long Jiu and others and turned around the huge body. The sharp knives in the two giant palms immediately danced airtight to greet several people. Lou Che was a little surprised at the size of the skeleton, but immediately his eyes were filled with fighting spirit, and with a roar, he rushed up, his fists filled with sorcery. Skeleton hit, dragon nine to avoid the dense blade, accurate landing on the shoulder of the skeleton, although only a delicate hand, but the hands are merciless, clear bone fracture. When the sound sounded, the skeleton's lute bone was broken by the dragon nine. Skeleton on the other side of the shoulder is standing another person, Han Lang casually a finger, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Thyroid Powder Factory, that contains the immortal power of the finger wind will accurately point at the junction of the skeleton, Dun! At that time, the dense bones broke and fell to the ground one after another. At the foot of the skeleton, Lou Che was frantically attacking the skeleton's leg bones. Three Destroys Startled The man did not hide his strength, and the huge skeleton was broken into a pile of broken bones by the three men in a moment. Standing in the distance of the people can not help but shrink the neck, watching the dragon nine easily broke the huge skull, Qi Feng "Gu" swallowed saliva, subconsciously. Touched his neck, Han Weichen eyes flashing complex light, this woman's strength was so overbearing, he was just like a fool. Out, but also with the nine words of truth that have not yet been mastered, God swept his purple mansion is quietly floating in the sword, Han Weichen's eyes also brought a little bit. The intention to kill. The green demon, who was very sensitive to the surrounding environment, glanced at Han Weichen in the dark and looked down Han Weichen's eyes. The green demon saw the murderous look of Han Weichen. When it turned out to be Long Jiu, his ruddy mouth was tightly pursed. In his consciousness, besides forgetting the dust, Long Jiu was also a very important person to him. Like Long Jiu, this kind of love has nothing to do with the love between men and women, including the love of friends and The fear of the strong. He did not allow anyone to hurt the people he cared about, just want to summon plants, but the voice of the dragon nine floated into the ears of the green demon, "No!" Move around. If you are not obedient, I will let you ignore the dust. "Green demon Wen Yan immediately discouraged, see her already know Han Weichen's intentions, forget it, anyway her." The ability is so strong that I don't want to worry about it. So the green demon put down his hand and concentrated on protecting him in front of the forgotten dust. Han Gongzi, pay attention. Faint female voice came, Long Jiu three people jumped open that pile of broken bones, Han Weichen a shock, now is not the time to think about these. So then Looking intently at the pile of broken bones, when he saw a small phalanx among the broken bones emitting a faint green light, Han Weichen hurriedly took off his sword and flew toward the phalanx for a moment. The fragment ossified into pow. As the amputated phalanx turned into powder, the scenery in front of everyone changed, and all of them had returned to the small courtyard of the original sky dome building, and the white Wan in midair also spurted out. With a mouthful of blood, two of the twelve flags around her turned into ashes with the reappearance of Long Jiu. Who the hell are you? Why do you know the flaw of my twelve days of white bone banners? Bai Wan covered her chest and asked. It doesn't matter who I am. As long as you're dead, you can go down and ask your dead daughter. Long Jiu looked sarcastic and poked Bai Wan mercilessly. A sore spot. Hum, do you think that's all I can do? Things to now, also let you taste fierce! Bai Wan's mournful voice sounded and cut her own at the same time. Wrist, mouth also muttered, at this time the ground began to shake violently, the ground began to crack on both sides of the layers, as the soil dispersed, one after another. His abdominal feet began to ride on the ground on both sides, pushing the huge body out. Long Jiu frowned at the disgusting thing in front of him and said that it was like a centipede, and that it was like a green worm, as long as a huge mouth kept opening and closing. Inside the opening and closing of the mouth, sharp teeth are faintly visible, saying that it is not a centipede,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, what other creature can grow so many legs? And covered in centipedes. Same hard armor. Han Lang looked at the giant insect in front of Long Jiu with a look of disgust. "Since Ah Jiu doesn't like it," he said with a slight smile, "Big Brother will give it a ride." Then drink a light drink.


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