What's the difference between underwear, bra and bra?

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Originally published as What's the difference between underwear, bras and bras? When searching for "underwear", it seems that all the information results are related to bras and bras? This will definitely cause women to wonder if underwear, bra and bra are the same. In fact, underwear, bra and bra are different. Their general conceptual relationship is that underwear includes bra and bra, but not limited to bra and brassiere, and bra is about equal to bra. Underwear refers to the most intimate and direct fit of the skin clothing, we all know that women's skin is more delicate and sensitive, more need such intimate clothing to protect and cover. Expand the full text Underwear includes pajamas, thermal underwear, long Johns, bras, home clothes,printed tape measure, bras, shapewear, underwear and so on. Since underwear is the most intimate clothing, its fabric texture requirements are comfortable and non-irritating to the skin, sweat-absorbing and breathable,keychain tape measure, as well as bacteriostatic and antibacterial effects, etc. For example, pure cotton, silk, polyester cotton, Lycra and high-end nylon, polyester and other soft microfiber fabrics are more commonly used in underwear health fabrics. Brassiere is also called brassiere, brassiere, such as triangle cup bra, bikini bra and ordinary upper support girl bra, bra tape measure ,bespoken tape measure, etc., which is a common name in China. Its function is simple and clear, that is, to cover up shame and fix breasts. Of course, it also has a certain effect of lifting and supporting breasts. The origin of "bra" is like coffee and sushi. It is a foreign word, but it is not a pure foreign word from Western countries. It has the color of Hong Kong, China. The word "bra" sounds elegant and beautiful. Although the bra also has the function of covering shame and fixing breasts, the bra integrates more high-end fashion elements on the coat into the underwear, making the underwear bra more sexy and attractive. For example, lace, lace, flower embroidery, chiffon, gauze, leopard print, large and small floral prints, stripes, dots and letter patterns are matched with colorful theme colors such as pink, bright red, rose, purple and blue, combined with unique cup shape, shoulder strap, flank back ratio and back design, showing pure or sexy. It makes the overall figure curve of women more perfect. Therefore, underwear, bras and bras are still different from each other, mainly in the following two different wearing functions and effects. First, underwear generally does not have a cup, so underwear does not have the effect of fixing and supporting the chest, which is suitable for little girls before the early stage of their development. However, bras and bras can play a good role in fixing and protecting breasts, holding them together and adjusting them to prevent sagging,retractable tape measure sewing, so that women can not worry about the violent shaking of breasts during exercise. Second, the difference between bra and bra is mainly manifested in the support and fixation of bra to prevent breast sagging, while bra pays more attention to the effect of beautifying breast shape besides the role of bra. Finished Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com


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