Reborn Kim Tae-yeon

As soon as eight people heard this, they nodded to show that they understood. Theone was also very relieved about his disciples.

As soon as eight people heard this, they nodded to show that they understood. Theone was also very relieved about his disciples. When he saw the children nodding, he left. As soon as he left, Hyoyeon and Yu-ri were excited. If he could perform with boa, he would be in the limelight. Taeyeon was also very excited when she thought she had a chance to appear alone. This time, she must perform well. I believe that through this performance, the popularity of Girls' Generation will rise again. #c [Text Chapter 112 MKMF Award Ceremony] Chapter 112 mkmf awards ceremony. "The following award is the Newcomer Award Girl Group. The nominated girl groups have specially prepared a different stage for us. The magnificent stage that can only be seen in mkmf, please enjoy it." At this time, girls' generation followed brother SJ and sister Tiantian zhixi to the scene of mkmf. This time, the arrangement award was given to gd, but the composition award was given to taeyeon. Taeyeon was very happy to win the award. The award ceremony also went to the part of the new girl group. To be honest, taeyeon was really looking forward to this award. In her previous life, this award was taken away by WG. I don't know if I can take the prize away with such hard work, but now I'm going to perform. This time, Hyoyeon was in the limelight. Before he appeared when he was young, Hyoyeon came to a solo dance, which made all the fans shout. Then came the performance of "the world of reunion",Urinal Manual Flush Valve, WG also performed their debut song, and Kara, as a candidate group, also performed their debut song on stage. The girl group was not popular in 2007, but everyone was looking forward to the excellent girl groups like WG and Kara when they were young. The girl group that announced the new artist award after the performance, but it was strange that sone and some V. I. P were all shouting the name of girls' generation,Concealed Flush Valve, Taeyeon was in tears, V. I. P were really good people, this year really had a good relationship, if they didn't help bigbang write songs, it was estimated that the V. I. P would call wondergirls directly. And this time the fans' position is also very strange, sone and V. I. P actually sat together. Not only are fans arguing with each other about who should be given the award, but artists are also discussing the award. Of course, SJ and Tian Zhixi support their sister group. Then bigbang is a little wrong this time. Top and Sun originally supported WG. Later, top said that if they could get the best song award of the year, they would support Shaoshi. Then Sun agreed with this statement. This award is really big, and every singer wants to get it. Taeyeon sat on the chair with the members and was very nervous. If she got the award, it meant that she was the strongest among all the newcomers. Those who didn't get it were all losers. So everyone was praying that the award must be given to herself. Not only did Girls' Generation pray, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Service Sink Faucets, but WG also prayed that Min Xianyi had paid so much for her debut. If she could get the award, her efforts would be rewarded. Kim Bum, who played Su Yizheng in Boys Over Flowers in a previous life, was the presenter of the award. Each candidate team sent a person to dance next to him, so he is still excited. I'm sorry that this award can only be given to one girl group, but I hope you can understand that you are all the best in my heart, so now it's time to announce the girl group part of the 2007 ment. Km. Music. Festival Newcomer Award. Hearing this, the women's group of candidates all tightened their nerves and looked at Kim Bum, and Taeyeon kept thinking about her girlhood in her heart. "Wonder. Girls, congratulations." Hearing this, sone was disappointed. Taeyeon was also disappointed. Unexpectedly, she failed to change history. The fans of WG were excited and all shouted. Five people of WG stood up with their mouths covered. Taeyeon went up and hugged them and said some congratulations. Min Xianyi was also very grateful to Taeyeon. She had been competing with herself since she was young. Now she won the prize. It means that in 2007, WG was already above girlhood. Looking at the sobbing Min Xianyi on the stage, nine people clapped their hands for her, and the cameraman also directly focused on Girls' Generation. All nine people hoped that they would stand on the podium next time. After the girl group part of the Newcomer Award was finished, another award was presented. What everyone was looking forward to was the performance of bigbang at the beginning of the second part. A person wearing a mask stood on the stage conducting. Suddenly, the music turned into a prelude to "Lies". Then gd took off his mask and sang. The whole audience burst into cheers. The song "Lies" was so popular in Korea in 2007. Everyone in the streets and alleys can hum it, and the artists and audiences present all like this song very much. At this time the camera to the song's lyricist and composer Taeyeon, sone and V. I. P are crazy to shout, Taeyeon has been waving to the camera, saying that this lie really brought a lot of popularity to Taeyeon, because this song many people know Taeeyeon, know the captain of the girls' generation. The second part also passed in all kinds of laughter, the third part was terrible, the opening was the performance of Girls' Generation, Hyoyeon once again took the lead, a person danced, and then Girls' Generation danced "girl's. Generation", the audience's response was also very good, although the song did not win any awards, Girls' Generation did not win the Newcomer Award, but it was not. But the popularity is still not inferior to WG, it is worth mentioning that the scene is always hovering between taeyeon and bigbang, the truth we all know, it seems that the scandal between taeyeon and gd is still being discussed. After the performance, there was the stage for elder martial sister Tiantian zhixi and elder martial brother SJ. It was s. M a family performance, but it was only a performance. Moreover, this performance opened the third part of the 2007 ment awards, and today's highest award will be announced. The previous awards are nothing,Manual Flush Valve, the last few awards are the key, the final announcement of the annual song award is the most critical, so SJ and bigbang are very nervous.


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