Mortal Mortal

"Daoyou is really generous!"! It seems that the question raised is certainly not simple. However, as long as it can be answered, the poor way will definitely satisfy Han Daoyou.

"Daoyou is really generous!"! It seems that the question raised is certainly not simple. However, as long as it can be answered, the poor way will definitely satisfy Han Daoyou. After saying this, Tianjing Zhenren carefully put away the soul stone and restored the calm color on his face. Since the real person said so, then Han Mou is not polite. I don't know if you know the news of Geng Jing. When I mentioned the exchange of Geng Jing information at the exchange meeting, the real person looked a little unusual and should know something. Han Li was not polite and asked straight to the point. Yes, Geng Jing does know a little about the news, but the news is not sure. That's why we didn't tell each other at the swap meeting. If Han Daoyou really wants to know, the poor way can tell naturally. Tianjing Zhenren's face did not show a look of surprise, but slowly replied. Even if the news is wrong, I intend to listen to it. xiaoshuo520. Just tell the real person. 。” Although Han Li had anticipated in his heart, he said with a smile on his face. In fact, even if I do not say, Daoyou should know in a few days. According to an old friend of mine who is in charge of the auction house, the auction house may have a piece of Geng Jing to be auctioned during the fair. It's just that my old friend said that the owner of Geng Jing seemed to want to exchange this thing for other things,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and he hasn't officially decided to participate in the auction yet, so there's still some uncertainty about it. However, if this piece of Geng Jing is really auctioned, I'm afraid those swordsmen will go bankrupt and snap up this place. Daoyou's hope is really not big! Said Tianjing Zhenren. A three-thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum can be sold for one hundred thousand Lingshi, and things like Geng Jing, which are rare for hundreds of years,ghana seed extract, are naturally even more sky-high. If it is auctioned, it is also possible to turn it over again. The joy on Han Li's face gradually disappeared and he said with a wry smile. He also has self-knowledge, although he has a lot of money, but compared with the whole clan, he is naturally far behind. But after Han Li said this with a wry smile, he adjusted his mood a little and said calmly. "Anyway, thank you for telling Tianjing in advance, so that Han can also collect some Lingshi in advance.". By the way, do you really know who is the master of Geng Jing? I'd like to pay an early visit. "I don't know exactly who it is, but I know that this man is Monk yuan Ying of the Nine Kingdoms Alliance, who now lives in a hill outside the West Gate.". Taoist friends can look for it by themselves. It shouldn't be difficult. Lao Dao twirled his long beard and said with a smile. Thank you for your advice. The matter of Geng Jing can be settled like this. Below Han Mou wants to ask, best green coffee bean extract ,rosmarinic acid supplement, but has something to do with the soul stone. I hope brother Tianjing Dao can give me some advice. Han Li nodded and suddenly said with a mysterious look on his face. Daoyou, what do you mean! I don't understand! The old Taoist, who had originally looked benevolent, heard Han Li's words, his expression changed greatly, and his eyes flashed in a deep voice. Not to hide the truth, Han also knows how to refine some puppets. The remains of ancient puppet beasts have also been found in the caves of some ancient monks. In these debris, there are these soul stones hidden in it. If I guess correctly, the soul stone should be the key to the ancient monk's puppet art. And the real person collects these soul stones, it seems that he should get the refining method of the ancient puppet. I'm going to refine some powerful ancient puppet myself. I wonder if what Han said is correct? If that's the case, Brother Dao, can you tell me something? Han Li stared at Lao Dao and said without blinking. But the moment he said it, his heart immediately raised three points of vigilance. Although it is unlikely, we should also be on guard against it. Lao Dao is angry and makes a sudden attack. Tianjing Zhenren listened to the above words, his face became expressionless, but his eyes were unusually cold, his lips closed and he stared at Han Li without saying a word. Han Li sees this, in the heart more careful three points, but the expression on the face is as usual, and again to the storage bag on a mold, pulled out a palm-sized jade box out. He opened the lid of the box and sent it to the table in front of Lao Dao. Two crystals, which were bigger than the soul stone just now, were suddenly placed in the box. The cold face of Tianjing Zhenren finally moved up, and his eyes showed the color of shock. How did you get such a big soul stone. Is there any more? Lao Dao asked in a low and awestruck voice. Han Liwen looked at Tianjing Zhenren and smiled, but did not mean to answer. "Humph!"! I can answer Han Daoyou's question. But in exchange, you must also answer how I got these soul stones. Lao Dao stretched out a finger and tapped the table twice before staring at Han Li's cold voice. No problem! Han Li seemed to have a well-thought-out plan and replied without thinking. Indeed, as your excellency said, the poor way and several friends found some ancient puppet art refining methods in an ancient monk site. According to the above, these puppet beasts are extremely powerful, but the required materials are equally precious, and they must be refined together with the soul stone in order to succeed. However, the soul stone this thing is really difficult to find, poor way to now also did not find a few out. Otherwise, it will not be a direct exchange at the exchange meeting. Now Han Daoyou should say, how can there be so many soul stones? Tianjing Zhenren said coldly. The origin of the soul stone is also very simple. I didn't know that these things were called soul stones in the mouth of ancient monks before. I only knew that they were produced in the body of a monster called the ghost beast. It took me a lot of effort to get some. Han Li replied peacefully. The underworld beast? Why haven't I heard of it? Where is this monster? Lao Dao's eyes flashed with excitement and asked with some forgetfulness. I don't know what kind of ancient puppet the real person is going to refine, and whether he can borrow Han's view of the puppet art he got? Han Li looked the same and said calmly. The fifth volume of the fifth volume of the famous earthquake side Chapter 682 Goodbye Nanlong Hearing Han Li's words,phycocyanin spirulina, the forgetful color on Lao Dao's face disappeared without a trace, and he calmed down again: "It seems that Han Daoyou is going to use this to coerce the poor way.". 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