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"Wind, wind shadow adult," really can't bear to see the hand bow finally out,

"Wind, wind shadow adult," really can't bear to see the hand bow finally out, "here is on the road." Feng Ying is holding a boy tightly? How can I let those people know about this! Are you hiding your face and sweeping the floor? Understand the meaning of the hand bow, I love Luo said lightly: "Night, and I go in!" " Naruto shook out of my arms and smiled helplessly. "No, I can't be alone with you before you have a formal meeting with Hokage." I love Luo Buyu, just glanced at a questioning look. I am now a sound to endure the empty night! No surprise, it seems that no matter what Naruto does, I love Luo will not be surprised, he nodded, "tomorrow waiting to eat your cooking." Smiling, Naruto faded away. With my loving and reluctant eyes. When Naruto disappeared completely, I love Luo returned to his usual appearance, as if he had never been gentle. The speed of the change caught Shouju and Kanjiulang by surprise. I love Luo. The hand opened its mouth, but finally did not ask, because she read the expression of my love Luo-do not ask, or the magic will disappear. Magic? Maybe! But with such a painful expression, should this kind of magic really last? Then look at Kan Jiulang is still unknown so stunned, perhaps what do not know is a kind of happiness. A wry smile. Leave Following the voice of Kankuro, he bowed to their residence. 2006-8-27 11:19 Reply The other shore (19) Zuo Ming Updated: 08/05/2006 The next day, early in the morning, Naruto came to Shikamaru's single apartment with a big bag of food. Then he and Shikamaru performed big eyes and small eyes outside the apartment. What is this situation? Shikamaru almost died of anger. Because there is no cooking utensils in the shop outside, you have to squeeze into your own house? Naruto. This bastard Naruto definitely did it on purpose! Shikamaru swears to God! But looking at Naruto's bad expression of "If you don't let me in, I'll let all of Konoha know that I invite you to dinner." Shikamaru's blue veins jumped again and again, and the result was: Open the door, put the devil in the door, and want to cry without tears! "Oh,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, please wait for the greeting," Naruto gave Shikamaru a harmless smile, "do not say trouble oh!" God! Is Naruto a demon who was sent to punish him? Even if a thousand unwilling, ten thousand unwilling, after seeing the innocent eyes full of expectations, the person who can refuse is really the devil, right? Shikamaru admitted his bad luck and helped Naruto drag the N ingredients into his home. Unexpectedly, Naruto's cooking was really good. Shikamaru, who happened to be his assistant, watched Naruto cut the vegetables, garnish the dishes, and mix the juice. Everything was done in good order, and after the kitchen in the workshop was still safe and sound, he had the illusion of seeing a rare creature. He really knew how to cook! When it was almost noon, silk ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, I came with no one with me. I love Luo, and the last soup is ready for dinner. Naruto poked his head out of the kitchen happily. I love Luo Xiaoxiao, sitting quietly at the table, watching Shikamaru help Naruto serve food, listening to Naruto humming a tune at random. Suddenly, I felt that it was incredible that I was fascinated by such quiet. Really happy! "Soup comes, ha ha" does not conceal oneself to be happy, smile so natural reveal comes out, Naruto is holding soup pot to sit before the table. This bamboo shoot is made by Shikamaru. I love Luo. Try it! It's definitely not covered! It's delicious! Ming looked at the green and unique dish with drooling. This can not help but let the two people at the same table doubt whether Naruto has a fever, carnivores turn to vegetarianism, who believes ah! I love Luo's sand and Shikamaru's hands at the same time, one touching his cheek and the other pressing his forehead. No fever! For advice, Shikamaru looked at I love Luo, and then got a nod of approval from I love Luo. Look carefully at the dishes on the table. It's not true! Does the sun come out in the west? Is it going to rain red? The two men looked out of the window one after another. Unfortunately, the sun outside had risen in a very normal direction, and now it had stopped in a very normal place; the weather was brilliant, and there was no sign of red rain. "Naruto, don't you eat meat?" Shikamaru asked. Hearing this, Naruto suddenly stiffened and smiled with difficulty. "I stopped eating a long time ago.". After that, I saw the meat. I always want to vomit. After that? Could it be. The chill runs all over his body, and the hellish scene of Shura comes to mind again. Asking, Shikamaru looks at Naruto. Naruto nodded, proving Shikamaru's conjecture. It was a disaster, both for Naruto and for him. Ah! Now is not the time to think about this. If you ask the wrong question, you really have a problem. I love Luo as if can not see two ugly expressions, very casual taste of Shikamaru's dish: "Well done, no wonder the night will like it." The calm voice calmed people's hearts, and he said, "At night, vegetarian food is good, but partial eating will make you lack nutrition." Natural and smooth, no special and deliberate. "No!" Will he be short of nutrition? How is that possible! The dark mood just now was swept away, and Naruto said confidently, "I have eaten squid, clams, crabs, lobsters.." He is pointing to the seafood kind that mixes in the dish on the table to count like family treasure, "still have this finally!" Still have this! Reach out to open the soup pot, "Dangdang, delicious milk crucian carp soup!" 。 Listening to such an explanation, Shikamaru sighed with a look of "I lost to you": "How can a carnivore become a vegetarian?" I love Luo turned his head, but his shoulders shook violently and uncontrollably, and he probably had facial cramps that he could not bear to laugh. The atmosphere improved imperceptibly. 2006-8-27 11:20 Reply The other shore (20) Zuo Ming Updated: 08/05/2006 "How about some wine?" Shikamaru suggested. Hey, hey, Shikamaru, we're underage! Naruto,fake ficus tree, give him the look of you abducting a child. It's troublesome to take care of so much! With these words, Shikamaru had already got up to get the wine. I love Luo, don't you object to the code? Naruto looked at Shikamaru's back and asked curiously.


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