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The director snorted and said, "Your Excellency is arbitrary.

The director snorted and said, "Your Excellency is arbitrary. Everyone in our organization knows, but there are definitely no three people on the videotape.". As for Tianshui's testimony, it is not credible. How credible can such an organization say that they can betray our covenant for a little profit? "I won't argue with you about right and wrong." Qin Xiaozhen pretended to be a'force 'and smiled and said, "This matter involves two first-class organizations in the country. We can't sit idly by.". In this way, the three major organizations will properly intervene in the investigation of what happened. If things are really as the Void Organization says, we will take appropriate measures to maintain justice. Of course, if the time proves that Tianshui's testimony is indeed false, then our ice eyes will not wrong good people. The fox's tail is showing! The top members of the Illuminati had a bright heart, and those who knew the ice eyes finally showed their fangs covertly. Although Qin Xiaozhen's words are very nice, after seeing the photos of the representatives of the four organizations meeting with his own eyes, who would believe his seemingly high-sounding words, which are actually completely deceptive? Moreover, Qin Xiaozhen immediately threw out the real request. By the way, I heard that the Secret Mage Fortress you recently developed is quite good, and many people have the idea of it. How about it? Do you have any idea of working together? With the participation of our ice eyes, the safety of this secret place is beyond doubt. Does the Ice Eye organization have any ideas about the Mage Fortress? A group of Illuminati executives narrowed their eyes,touch screen digital signage, and even though they were sitting opposite a twilight "color" master, their faces "color" was still very bad. You know, taking away people's wealth is like killing parents! But to their surprise, after saying that, Qin Xiaozhen glanced at it, and then added a soft sentence: "Forget it if you don't want to. Our ice eyes never do anything to force others!" !!! Chapter 499 the subtle attitudes of the three major organizations. In Zhao Dingguo's view, Qin Xiaozhen's last words were somewhat superfluous. Book. Ruokan. Com,thermal imaging camera, if you read the novel website. However, as a dusk "color" master, his words are naturally not in vain. Qin Xiaozhen knew very well that the Illuminati would not agree to his request, so this sentence was just a gesture for the people of the world to see, and by the way, put some pressure on the Illuminati. The director understood what he meant, but he didn't take Qin Xiaozhen to heart at all. Dusk "color" master come out so what? So what if it stands for Ice Eye? Is it difficult for the Illuminati to give up the benefits of the Dharma Master's Secret Land just by his words? Nothing is that cheap! Therefore, he gave a direct refusal: "We appreciate the kindness of the Ice Eye Organization.". However, although our strength is not as good as the ice eye, but not all cats and dogs can ignore, enough to ensure the safety of the mage fortress. What's more, if anyone has an idea, facial recognition thermometer ,digital signage kiosk, our allies and vassal organizations will not sit idly by! The combat effectiveness of the vassal organization can be ignored, but as an ally, the Six Dynasties and Zhenhun Stone are powerful AIDS. The chairman's words can be described as a hidden needle, but, seeing his casual proposal was rejected, Qin Xiaozhen did not get angry, and even proposed to leave: "In that case, then forget it.". Anyway, I'm just here to help Xu Zhiguo as a witness, just as the task is completed, I'll go home. No one in the Illuminati welcomed Qin Xiaozhen. He wanted to leave, and naturally no one asked him to stay. However, before going out, Qin Xiaozhen once again turned around and explained: "I keep my word. When I go back, I will submit an application for investigation by the three major organizations on the malicious killing of the members of the virtual spirit organization.". At that time, the two organizations will be given a fair account. These words seem to be impartial, but in the ears of the upper echelons of the Illuminati, it is undoubtedly a threat. Xu Zhiguo also snorted coldly, brushed his sleeve, and then got up and left. Chairman? Several radical Illuminati masters immediately got up and looked at the director, the intention was obviously very obvious. As long as he nods slightly. These masters will immediately rush over and leave Xu Zhiguo forever. Anyway, the virtual spirit organization is going to break up with the Illuminati, so what else is there to be particular about? Let's kill the next core executive they've decided on first! Xu Zhiguo, of course, also felt the bad eyes behind him, but he just sneered a few times, his figure remained unchanged, and strolled out of the conference hall. The steady director did not give a signal to start in the end. The radical masters felt sorry when they saw each other leave. But Zhao Dingguo understood the decision of the chairman very well. In ancient times, there was a saying that the two countries did not behead each other at war. Not to mention the modern super-god power circle? Killing Xu Zhiguo alone will not cause any "sexual" harm to the virtual spirit organization, but will put one's own side in an extremely passive moral position, and will also stimulate the members of the virtual spirit organization to strengthen their belief in revenge. Such a face-saving action in order to fight for a breath is naturally not worthwhile. I have to say, Qin Xiaozhen's action is really fast. Less than half a day after he returned, the Ice Eye Organization sent out a telegram in the name of the three super organizations, declaring that it would investigate the killing of members of the Virtual Spirit Organization. And appeal to other super-god organizations to strictly require their members not to rely on their strength to kill people at will for a little victory and equipment, but to give new people enough growth space and so on. The electrification is very long. But the real meaning is only the first paragraph, and the latter is just to win the support of moral and ordinary super-God users. But it has to be said that the ice eye is quite effective. Originally, the super God circle is the law of the jungle, people have the strength, kill you can only admit. But the Ice Eye organization took advantage of the killing of the virtual spirit members,temperature scanning kiosks, and put itself on the side of justice to fight for the interests of all the vulnerable groups of super-God users, which immediately aroused strong repercussions and responses from countless super-God users. Some small organizations who did not know the truth also appealed to support the ice eye. After playing such a beautiful hand. Ice Eye took advantage of the opportunity to occupy an extremely favorable position of the initiative, and began an open and aboveboard investigation.


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