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As they talked, they walked more slowly, and before they reached Merlin, they heard the Chamberlain say that the emperor was in the West Inner Garden at this time, and asked Cui Guifei to wait.

As they talked, they walked more slowly, and before they reached Merlin, they heard the Chamberlain say that the emperor was in the West Inner Garden at this time, and asked Cui Guifei to wait. Emperor Jia'an hosted a banquet in the Hall of Hanguang for civil and military officials and the Marquis of Xunbo. All the officials above the fifth grade entered the palace. Hanguang Hall is adjacent to the west inner garden, covering a wide area, separating the outer court hall from the harem by a long corridor. At this time, Emperor Jia'an would summon all the people in the harem to go, and he was afraid that he was in the mood. When Fu Minghua and Cui Guifei arrived at the front of the Hanguang Hall, they were led to the West Inner Garden by the small Chamberlain who stayed here. Although it was already a cold winter month, the snow had already been cleared from an open meadow in the inner garden, and a target had been set up. A group of young dignitaries were standing on both sides of Emperor Jia'an, looking at the target and eager to try. There was a Chamberlain in front of the target, and a stout young man in the field was holding a bow. The arrow had left the string and landed firmly on the red heart. OK Emperor Jia'an clapped his hands and smiled, "Young people make talented people!" The boy held a bow and smiled, showing his white teeth, showing a bit of foolishness. When Fu Minghua came over, he saw this scene and looked in the direction of Princess Yunyang without any trace. She raised her chin and looked disdainfully at the boy with great contempt. Compared with other noble families, the descendants of the Guo family are not abundant. King Youyang had only one wife in his life and did not take concubines. Guo Jinrui, the third son,nail manufacturing machine, left at a young age. Of the remaining two sons, the eldest son married the princess of Anyang and gave birth to a son and two daughters. He never took a concubine, so the eldest son only got a little blood. But the second son gave birth to two sons, but unfortunately the two sons are not like martial arts, but good literature. So even if the two men in the second room were not weak and delicate, they were definitely not like the young man who was praised by Emperor Jia'an, who could easily pull the bow and shoot ten feet away. Only Guo Han,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the son of Princess Anyang of Changfang, followed his father to learn the art of riding and shooting when he was young, could he do it. Chapter 248 plot. Fu Minghua guessed well, and Emperor Jia'an asked: "Whose boy is it?" A tall man dressed in a purple unicorn robe and a goldfish belt came out of the ranks of the generals and shouted, "I, Guo Ying, the military governor of Liaoyang, pay my respects to Your Majesty." Guo Ying is the eldest son of Guo Jiuzhong, and the teenager in front of him is very likely to be his only son. Emperor Jia'an looked at Guo Han quite differently. The young expert opened a crossbow. He was not very old, but he had already accompanied Guo Ying to the battlefield to kill the enemy. In this way, Emperor Jia'an naturally paid more attention to the young man. Although Guo Ying is loyal, he is slightly inferior to his father Guo Jiuzhong. He is brave enough, but his temperament is very upright, stuffy and inflexible. Comparatively speaking, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, Guo Han was also honest and honest, but undoubtedly much more shrewd than his father. When he spoke, he made Emperor Jia'an laugh several times, but he did not commit a taboo. This alone is already very powerful. There are successors in the Kuo family, but the father of a tiger has no son of a dog! Emperor Jia An felt relieved and asked the Chamberlain to take two ingots of gold to reward Guo Han. One side Rong Fei looked for a long time, smiled and said: "That's good, but I wonder if Anyang has said anything about your son's marriage?" Rong Fei's eyes lit up, and Fu Minghua sighed silently. Rong Fei's beloved daughter was excusable, but she did not know that some people's faces could only be beaten once, but not twice. The princess of Anyang also went to Luoyang with Guo Ying. She and her husband were guarding Liaoyang. Guo Ying was upright and not a selfish person, so her character was also very bright. When she heard this, she said, "I dare not hide it from the empress. When I go to Luoyang this time, I'll see who can look up to this bastard of my wife's family." Liaoyang is located in a remote place, and the folkway is tough. The princess of Anyang also wants to find a lady for her only son, who will spread her leaves for the Guo family in the future. She had no idea what Rong Fei was thinking. She narrowed her eyes and looked at her son with a loving face. She thought that Rong Fei was asking questions like this because she was sorry for Guo Sanlang at the beginning. She felt guilty and wanted to make up for it. She wanted to say that she was a noble girl for Guo Han. I just don't know if this boy has the good fortune. The princess of Anyang looked at her son with soft eyes. Emperor Jia'an looked at Concubine Rong, but saw her smiling and saying, "In my opinion, your son is handsome, and his age matches my Yunyang. Your Majesty, what do you think?" As soon as Rong Fei said this, the princess of Anyang's face turned white. Princess Yunyang is the wife of a widowed minister. Had it not been for the imperial concubine, I'm afraid her head would have been hanging at the gate of the city with the remnants of Jane's. She was lucky to be alive, but she had to remarry at this time? Married or your own son? The princess of Anyang's face was white and her body was shivering. For a moment, she secretly hated that she had just spoken quickly and said such a thing. At this time, she regretted that her intestines were blue, but there was nothing she could do. In front of the important officials of the Manchu Dynasty and the relatives of the emperor, what did Rong Fei mean by saying such a thing? Although the Tang Dynasty encouraged women to remarry, how could the princess of Anyang be willing to let her son marry a widowed woman like the Guo family? This Princess Anyang's lips moved, but Concubine Rong didn't even look at her. She turned to Emperor Jia'an and said with a smile, "Your Majesty, since Guo Sanlang died young, the Empress Dowager has often sighed and missed her." The courtiers stood far away, only Guo Ying and his son, who had just knelt down, were close at hand, as well as a group of women. Concubine Rong trotted toward Emperor Jia'an and said, "I think this is fate. At the beginning, Emperor Taizu said that if the dragon fetus in the belly of the Empress Dowager and the flesh and blood in the belly of Lady Guo Tai were a man and a woman, they would become children and in-laws.". When Guo Sanlang died early, I thought that Yunyang and Guo Dalang had achieved a marriage, which made up for the regret at that time and fulfilled the wish of Taizu. What do you think? She looked up at Emperor Jia'an and saw that the charming face was like a vicious snake in the eyes of the princess of Anyang, and a bite was fatal. Anyang princess body straight shivering, she prayed in her heart that Emperor Jia'an would refuse,Nail machine supplier, but she also vaguely felt that Rong Fei had already said so, the possibility of Emperor Jia'an's refusal was not great. There seemed to be hundreds of rabbits in her mind, which made her headache.


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