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Originally published as SOLIDWORKS Custom weldment profile | Tips As we all know,seamstress measuring tape, we can use the welding module in SOLIDWORKS software to make structural components,tailor measure tape, but in many cases, custom tape measure ,personalised tailor tape, the profile of the weldment section we need is not the original profile in the system, which requires us to customize the profile of the weldment. Next, we will introduce the method of customizing the profile of the weldment in SOLIDWORKS. 1. Draw a sketch as shown in the following figure in the SOLIDWORKS weldment module, and use the existing profile in SOLIDWORKS to draw the structural member as shown in the figure. Now assume that the section profile we need is not square as shown, but round. 2. Create a folder on the desktop [Custom]- [Welding]- [Type] Expand the full text 3. Add the above [Custom] folder path to the "Weld Profile" folder in SOLIDWORKS [System Options]- [File Location]. 4. Create a new part in SOLIDWORKS, and draw the following circular sketch. After exiting the sketch, select the sketch in the design tree,bra measuring tape, and click [File]- [Save As] to save it to the [Type] folder just created. The file is saved in the library feature.sldlfp format. It is named "Circular Section Profile" for convenience. 5. Click [Structural member] on the weldment toolbar, and the "Welding" option will appear in [Standard]. Select "Type" [Size], and the "Circular section profile" option will appear. Select the group as shown in the following figure. 6. A weldment with a circular cross-section profile is now generated. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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