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But Yi Yu they these conversations also did not conceal deliberately, naturally also could not escape that Ziyun Palace all people's ears. But this is not necessarily a good thing for them, after all, a big fat sheep facing three wolves or four wolves is no difference. In any case, they have no way out, but there are some differences in how the other side distributes the booty. But people's hearts are evil, and there are many things in the world that harm others and do not benefit oneself. Now see Yi Yu they face the dilemma, the first phoenix they have some pleasure of schadenfreude. But the first phoenix heart is also more clear, Ziyun Palace is also no hope, but if you can see the enemy fight is also a very angry thing. And if there is a real fight. They are not entirely without hope of profiting from it. At this time, Chufeng and others prayed in their hearts, hoping that the three of them could fight with the later people they said. But do they know that their wishes can be fulfilled? Can they really take this as an opportunity to keep Ziyun Palace? Or is it more tragic to be bitten by the new wolf and die? At this time, Yi Yu went to the side of Ruan Zheng and Shi Sheng, put his hand on the head of Qi Jinchan, and spoiled the little bun on his head. As soon as Qi Jinchan fiddled with his head, he said angrily, "Don't move my head, smelly brother-in-law!"! Sister said you have magic in your hands,pipe cantilever rack, and you will become a big lady-killer after a long time! Yi Yu was slightly stunned. "What is your sister teaching you?" She said with a smile! Besides, what's wrong with really becoming a big lady-killer? Look at my brother-in-law, the cherry blossoms are red and the willows are green all day. Qi Jinchan curled his lips and said with a smile, "Come on, brother-in-law!"! Don't brag here. You think I don't know how my sisters got together. Come on, look at your eyes staring like a cow. Can't I stop talking? In the face of this brother-in-law who can't be beaten or scolded. Yi Yu is also a big head. But Qi Jinchan that boy is very shrewd, every time will be in the most appropriate time to stop,Drive in racking system, make Yi Yu is angry no place to spread. Yi Yugan laughed twice and ignored Qi Jinchan. He turned to Ruan Zheng and said, "Don't you Emei Sect always act collectively?"? This trip to the East China Sea will not be just the two of you! In fact, Yi Yu this is to change the subject, is a casual question, but that Ruan Zheng and Shi Shengdi face is a stiff. The two of them looked at each other and thought to themselves, "Now in the face of Yi Yu and the three of them, even if we have more martial brothers, it will be extremely difficult for us to gain an advantage, and I just heard what they said." And the masters of the Demon Sect are coming soon. If that's the case, the latter brothers will come. I'm afraid this time the Ziyun Palace will fall into the hands of our Emei Sect! "To tell you the truth, Elder Martial Brother Yi Yu," said Ruan Zheng, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Warehouse storage racks, "it was not only me and Younger Martial Brother Shi Sheng who came to Ziyun Palace this time, but also several other brothers. It was only because of some changes in the process that we were delayed for some time that Younger Martial Brother Shi Sheng and I took the lead." …… Only in this moment, several people of the Demon Sect had already arrived nearby, but three of the four people were acquaintances. The leader was the Invisible Venerable, followed by his first disciple, Shang Heyang, the Heavenly King of the Five Ghosts. There is another one, that is, the matter of taking the treasure from the yuanjiang River. There was a meeting between the earth and the God of destruction, which was called Gan Que. Gan Que also has a handsome man with handsome appearance and elegant temperament, but Yi Yu doesn't recognize him. However, seeing that he can stand side by side with the Invisible Venerable and the Dry Magpie, it seems that he should also be a monk of the same generation, but he is more noble than the Five Ghosts Heavenly King Shang Heyang. Princess Lotus also put away her indignant look and put on a sweet smile. She bowed to the Invisible Venerable and said, "I can't believe it!"! The three of you have also arrived at the Ziyun Palace in the East China Sea! The five ghosts King Shang and Yang were directly ignored by Princess Lotus, of course, there are some natural reasons for strength and seniority, but I think more is to express her dissatisfaction with the invisible venerable! As the saying goes, 'Beating a dog depends on the master'? Now the disciples are directly regarded as air, but they are more or less under the face of the invisible venerable. But for the Lotus Princess so ignored, that Shang and Yang is nothing, he knows the strength gap with the Lotus Princess, and now there is a master present. Naturally, someone will make decisions for him. The Invisible Venerable was slightly disdainful of the Lotus Princess, but this time he was somewhat in the wrong, and it was not good to get angry with the Lotus Princess. Just when the invisible venerable wanted to explain, Yi Yu came over and came to the side of Princess Lotus. Of course, he has gone far beyond the normal intimate distance between men and women. It's even about to be put up. I'm afraid there is not even a foot distance in the middle! And Yi Yu is standing on the oblique side of the Lotus Princess, from the invisible venerable side, they are even more intimate. The Lotus Princess was angry in her heart at this time, but she did not care about Yi Yu's little movements. Perhaps she had noticed it, but deliberately ignored it! They want to take the opportunity to express their anger and determination to the invisible Venerable. Yi Yu folded her fists and said with a smile, "Ladies and gentlemen!"! It's really predestined! "Unexpectedly, it only took a few days for yuanjiang to fetch the treasure, and it's really precious to meet in the East China Sea thousands of miles away!" As soon as the Invisible Venerable saw Yi Yu, he couldn't help frowning and said, "So it's Yi Yu, a Taoist friend of the Qingcheng Sect!"! Nice to meet you! He deliberately emphasized the pronunciation of the words'Qingcheng School ', apparently to Princess Lotus, reminding her that she was different from Yi Yumen School. Keep your distance. However, the words of the Invisible Venerable backfired,Pallet rack upright, and the Lotus Princess had already gone back on her word because of the invisible Venerable and others. Now the Invisible Venerable has assumed the appearance of an elder. There is an allegory in the words. Princess Lotus was originally the favored daughter of heaven, with a strong and proud temper. How can you stand this! And although the Invisible Venerable was a monk of the same generation as her father, Princess Lotus thought that she was not weaker than him and did not need to be humble. Usually holding the ceremony of the younger generation is just to give him face for the sake of the same door of the Demon Sect at the same time.


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