Reborn I am Naruto Uzumaki

I love Luo at this time divided into two people, one forced himself to calm down and reason down to seriously analyze the problem, the other can not stop the excitement and kept knocking the heart, knocking the soul, the heart kept shouting.

I love Luo at this time divided into two people, one forced himself to calm down and reason down to seriously analyze the problem, the other can not stop the excitement and kept knocking the heart, knocking the soul, the heart kept shouting. Close at hand! Close at hand! Just. As long as you use that ninjutsu, that person can come back to life! I love Luo understand, this time back is bound to be subjected to a series of questions from the elders, plus their own explanation, as well as the public's account, absolutely take a lot of time, but now he has been unable to wait a minute, he has been unable to restrain his excitement. This time, he will never let go of the young man's hand, this time, he must let the young man, open his eyes again, smile to himself! I love Luo walked up to Chiyo's mother-in-law, grabbed her directly, and said, "Come with me." Suddenly the two men disappeared in place, leaving only a burst of smoke and dust. The crowd looked at the "corpse" lying on the ground still intact I love Luo, and then looked at the wind shadow adult who had disappeared, could not help but begin to suspect that it was a dream. However, Chiyo's mother-in-law did disappear. I Narrated (Part Two) This time, I will never let go of your hand! I love Luo with Chiyo mother-in-law running fast in the dusty desert,Automatic nail machine, relying on their familiarity with the terrain, toward the oasis not far away. There is plenty of water and food to ask questions slowly. You're not dead. On the way of running, the old voice of the old man in his arms drifted along the wind in the blink of an eye, but he did hear it. I love Luo coldly pursed his lips and did not speak. The exquisitely made puppet was made by a scorpion. It seems that this is a joint plan to destroy the dawn. I love Luo stopped, Chiyo mother-in-law put down, looking at the mother-in-law's sharp eyes, I love Luo expression does not move, "help me revive the whirlpool Naruto." He spat out such a sentence. The life and death of the Scorpion of Red Sand is none of his business, nor is it his business to unite to destroy the dawn's stratagem, as long as the Vortex Naruto comes back to life. Chiyo's mother-in-law was stunned and squinted, "kid!"! You haven't answered me yet. "Resurrect Naruto Vortex and I'll tell you." "Don't you know that reincarnation ninjutsu costs the performer's life?" Chiyo's mother-in-law jumped a cross on her forehead and scolded the little devil in front of her who could not understand human language. If you're asking about the Scorpion of the Red Sand, he's safe now, having escaped with his blond partner in the Rock Kingdom. This is indeed their plan to destroy the dawn. Your grandson. He's safe now. All right, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail machine manufacturer, now, help me revive Naruto Uzumaki immediately. Chiyo's mother-in-law listened to the words of the red-haired teenager in front of her, and when she heard the news that her grandson was still safe, tears suddenly fell from her eyes, and tears fell down the crow's feet beside her eyes, looking rather tearful. And the eyes, which had always been sharp, were a little cloudy. Is it? Is it.. Scorpion, you're safe. You're still alive, aren't you. That's all right. That's all right. The child will always be a mark in the heart of Chiyo's mother-in-law, tearing up is full of pain. She has always felt guilty about the child and has been studying the ninjutsu that can bring his parents back to life. Now, he's still alive, isn't he? Chiyo's mother-in-law gathered up some of her out-of-control emotions and slowly fixed her eyes on the teenager in front of her. He could not hide his anxious and irritable eyes, his clenched fists, and the sand dancing uneasily behind him. This is indeed the wind shadow of the five generations that is rumored to have been drawn. And his mood now looks very anxious mixed with desperate expectations, Chiyo mother-in-law from the country of fire when a few people brought back the body, began to suspect that the teenager should not be dead, but she had nothing to do with him to go. But a few years later, when I recalled the incident again, I suddenly remembered that it was indeed a puppet in the tomb. Moreover, it is a puppet that makes people familiar to heartache. Then came the news that Uchiha Madara had been destroyed, and peace was finally restored to the ninja world. And the red-haired grandson of his own. And disappeared. Quietly dug up the grave, saw the work of the puppet under the grave, Chiyo mother-in-law instantly understood that this is absolutely from the hands of the scorpion, no one can have more exquisite puppet art than the scorpion. No one could have made a more ingenious puppet. As a result, the plan began to unfold slowly from this moment. She began to set up a game to attract my love Luo back, and then found the news of her grandson. Now It's not impossible to realize this teenager's wish. "Do you have the body of Naruto Uzumaki?" Hearing such a sentence, I love Luo's expression dimmed in an instant. Nope. No At the beginning, it was rumored that even Konoha could not find the body of the man, only the lonely forehead guard was brought back as a relic. Chiyo's mother-in-law's eyebrows wrinkled. Originally, reincarnation ninjutsu is only applicable to people who have just died. However, I can use the reincarnation jutsu to give life to the puppet. But are you sure you want to do this? Give life to the puppet you make, and what you make is just the Naruto in your memory. I love Luo's fingers tightly pinched the palm, suddenly his eyes as blue as the blue sky, "I want him to come back to life." That's all. Is it Naruto in my memory? As long as he has the memories of what happened between us, he won't remember what happened to the rest of us, will he? That's good enough. I love Luo's eyes are full of light. He looks at the old man in front of him and says word by word, "I just want him to remember me, that's enough." Chiyo's mother-in-law looked at the teenager in front of her for a long time and pursed her lips. When she created this ninjutsu, she wanted to give life to the puppet made by the child and revive his father and mother. That child, as long as the memory of his father and mother is enough. You draw the boy's face first, and then I'll spend a month making a puppet. Finally,wire nail making machine, when you use the reincarnation jutsu, you must attach your chakra to it and pass it to me continuously. When you come back to life, think of the memories you share with the child. Do you understand? I love Luo nodded.


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