Zhen Tian Di Dao

When the giffin had finished speaking, Fa Zheng pointed to the map on one side and said, "Besides, if we want to seize Yong Liang, we can send more

The water dragon circled and danced. A Jinxian master could not dodge and was swallowed by the water dragon. When he rushed out of the water dragon again, the Jinxian master's whole body had been corroded and festered, and half of his arm was missing. Ah The Jinxian master let out a scream, regardless of the injuries on his body, frantically fled toward the distance, but the Yaksha's steel fork moved, a black light flashed, and the Jinxian master fell in an instant. In a twinkling of an eye, nearly half of the Jinxian monks who wanted to get the heart of killing had fallen. About a hundred masters had fallen. As soon as the Yaksha's footsteps moved, they set off big black waves. The boundless power came out, and the void was condensed. Many Jinxian masters were frightened, and it was very difficult to escape here. As soon as the divine light in Dijing's eyes moved, he turned his head and looked at the other seventeen lakes. In each of the lakes in the distance, there was a yaksha holding a steel fork. One by one, there was a ferocious look. With a wave of the steel fork, the void was annihilated and a large number of masters fell. Except for the first lake, there were hundreds of creatures formed by the killing heart in the other lakes, each carrying a black chain in his hand, standing behind the Yaksha, looking coldly at the monks around him. A large number of masters fell. In an instant,gold CIP machine, there were only more than one thousand of the more than three thousand Jinxian masters left, and they were still falling. The yakshas were all masters of ancient immortals. With a shock of the steel fork in their hands, they could kill the Jinxian masters at an infinite distance. Those Jinxian who fled to the distance were also hard to survive. Yaksha is a creature created by the Asura clan. It is used to guard the sea of blood. It is ugly and powerful. It has been captured by many forces and used to guard the mountain gate. The eighteen yakshas in the world of killing hearts in front of us are the top masters even in the Asura clan. The ancient immortals cultivate themselves and master the power of heaven. Eighteen of them appear here all of a sudden. Boom! Eighteen yakshas were killing people in the world of killing hearts, and the evil breath filled everywhere. A steel fork with a handle cut across the sky, interweaving a big net, enveloping the whole world of killing hearts. A killing machine emanated from the big net, bringing a chill to people. With the appearance of eighteen yakshas in the black lake, the whole killing heart world also sent out a rumbling roar,mineral flotation, a dark cloud covered the void, making the already gloomy killing heart world even darker. Dijing stood in the void, the Yaksha's attack was easily avoided, looking at the constantly changing killing heart world, Dijing looked slightly dignified, he felt a huge breath hidden in the depths of the killing heart world, is the source of all the black lake water. Whoa! A black water dragon pierced the void and came to the front of the imperial capital in an instant. The water dragon's eyes shone with indifference. When he saw the imperial capital, he immediately sent out a loud dragon song. Its body seemed to be flowing with water. It moved slightly and wrapped the imperial capital in it. The black water dragon opened its huge mouth to bite the imperial capital, and an evil breath suddenly filled the body of the imperial capital. The light of the law flashed on the palm of his hand. The imperial capital raised his hand and clapped the water dragon out, and the body of the water dragon collapsed in an instant, turning into a pool of black water. As soon as the palm touched the black water, an evil breath with strong corrosiveness invaded the palm of the imperial capital. The imperial capital looked frozen and shook slightly, shaking the breath away. Then he raised his hand and grabbed a pool of water left by the black water dragon in his hand. This is the result of the extreme condensation of evil breath! Looking at the water in his hand, Dijing felt a shock in his heart and found that it was the liquid condensed by the endless evil gas. Who on earth has gathered so much evil breath? Eighteen lakes, Carbon in Pulp ,small gold wash plant, each with a radius of a hundred miles, suddenly emerged from the ground, which together, if emitted, would be enough to destroy several worlds. Teikyo looked at the place where the eighteen yakshas stood with shock in his eyes. At this time, the whole killing heart world has changed again. The water in the eighteen black lakes is constantly diffused, forming a dark fog. In a moment, the whole killing heart world is enveloped. All kinds of plants, rocks and so on in the killing heart world are corroded and disappear quickly. Boom! After everything in the whole world was corroded, dark water flowed everywhere on the ground, and then the killing world began to shake constantly, the wind and clouds changed in the void, and the earth below was constantly breaking up, with black mountains, plains and so on coming out of the ground to replace the original environment. The world of killing seems to be re-evolving, everything has been destroyed and replaced by new things, and the newly evolved rocks and vegetation are not afraid of the corrosion of the black water. When everything stopped, the killing world became a dark world, the peaks on the ground, vegetation, soil and so on were black, all kinds of evil spirits permeated everywhere, with the evil wind moving, the original black water flowing through the whole killing world had disappeared. And the place where the original eighteen yakshas were, at this time there were eighteen dark palaces, palaces emerged from the black lake water, and then absorbed all the lake water, each palace was covered by black gas, people can not see clearly, can only vaguely see a virtual shadow, feel the evil breath emanating from it, eighteen yakshas are standing in front of the palace. Eyes suffused with dim light, constantly scanning in the killing heart. Eighteen evil temples, evolution of the nether world! Suddenly, for the first time, the eighteen yaksha masters made a sound. As soon as they raised their steel forks, endless evil spirits came out, and the palace beside them burst into endless dark light, shining into the sky, forming a pillar of indomitable spirit. Eighteen pillars stand in the world of killing hearts, arranged in a special direction, forming a big array. After the pillars are formed, the big array runs in an instant. The eighteen pillars are constantly staggered and transformed, rolling up endless storms. The imperial capital stood in the void and saw that with the change of the eighteen pillars, traces were left on the earth below the killing world,tin beneficiation plant, and the eighteen palaces at the bottom of the eighteen pillars were moving closer to the center with those traces. Eighteen yakshas moved with the palace, waving steel forks in their hands, and all the monks they met along the way were killed and fell under the steel forks. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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