Daddy, don't rob my mommy.

Dongfang Chen twitched at the corners of his mouth and looked at Yue Xiaotu, who blushed slightly in the night talk, and said, "Isn't that Xu Bo's false report?"! I don't mean it Come to think of it, he was so angry that he finally caught a chance to kiss her,

Dongfang Chen twitched at the corners of his mouth and looked at Yue Xiaotu, who blushed slightly in the night talk, and said, "Isn't that Xu Bo's false report?"! I don't mean it Come to think of it, he was so angry that he finally caught a chance to kiss her, but the boy's hand blocked him, which was really depressing! "Cut, your color is your color, don't try to shift the responsibility to Grandpa Xu, you are shameless!" He threw a contemptuous look at Dongfang Chen every night, and his little head turned away from him. Boy, what's wrong with me kissing your mommy? I'm her man! Dongfang Chen became angry from embarrassment and learned to stare at him ferociously with his arms akimbo every night. All right, stop talking! Moon rabbit blushed and covered his small mouth every night. He bowed his head and dared not look at Dongfang Chen. "We appreciate the kindness of the old man. Next time we invite the old man to be a guest at home. Now Jiajia is really waiting for us at home!" "Little Rabbit, the old man has been waiting all day. Isn't it good to disappoint the old man?" After many days together, Dongfang Chen found out all the temperaments of the Moon Rabbit and knew that her softness of heart was his best chance. This Month rabbit embarrassed, this half month the old man is better to her than to her own granddaughter, give her is she has never felt the warmth of affection. Biting his lips and looking at the night, the moon rabbit asked uncertainly, "Night, why don't we talk to Jiajia and go to the old man's place?" Twisting his little head and staring at Dongfang Chen every night, he thought for a long time about Dongfang Chen's condition,plastic bulk containers, "Hey, you promise me not to rob my mommy in the future, not to kiss my mommy secretly, or I won't go!" "Every night!" The moon rabbit was almost ashamed to death by the night, and stared at him viciously, "I'm angry if you fool around again!" "Boy, for the last time, your mommy is my woman!" The blue veins on Dongfang Chen's forehead jumped again and again,wholesale plastic pallet, and he clenched his fists again and again. Finally, he simply hugged him overnight and forced him to be trapped in his arms. With the other hand, he took the hand of the Moon Rabbit and walked out. "Now go home with me, and no one is allowed to say no!"! Or I'll take you all back! (Second watch report, dear friends, give a reward. Mody) [Top Return Directory] Text 036: Family Banquet is really angry (Number of words in this chapter: 4716, updated: 2009-8-21 22:14:00) Dongfang Chen brought the moon rabbit and the night all the way back to Dongfang's ancestral home, where the old man was already waiting at the door. As soon as he saw the three of them get out of the car, the old man immediately came over smiling and took the night away from Dongfang Chen, spoiling and rubbing his hair. Every night, are you good today? Grandpa has prepared a lot of delicious food! The old man is full of joy, some eager to introduce this baby great-grandson to everyone, "Chen son, take the rabbit to prepare, I first take the night to meet the elders!" "Yes, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet supplier, Grandpa!" Dongfang Chen was eager for the little devil to leave the moon rabbit. He stretched out his big hand and hugged the waist of the moon rabbit tightly. He forced her not to resist. "Rabbit, don't run away!" The crisp numbness from the root of the ear made the struggling moon rabbit tremble all over, turn his eyes to Dongfang Chen, and his heartbeat missed a beat. Why is he so overbearing to himself? Smiling with satisfaction, Dongfang Chen's eyes became more tender. "I'll see some elders later. I'll take you to dress up now.". Don't be nervous, I have everything! Heartstrings in the last sentence was mercilessly touched, the moon rabbit opened his eyes to see into the Oriental Chen glazed pupil, that hot gentle burned her mind. Never experienced emotion, she looked at him so crazily, with strange feelings in doubt. Apart from Jiajia, he was the first person to tell her everything about me! Grandpa, no! I want to be with Mommy! Every night I saw Dongfang Chen and the Moon Rabbit staring at each other, especially the hand of Dongfang Chen holding the Moon Rabbit, which made him cry out and struggle to come down, "Daddy will bully Mommy, I want to protect Mommy, Grandpa!" "Be good every night, Grandpa will take you to eat delicious food!" The old man raised his eyebrows and looked at the feelings that had already moved slightly between their eyebrows. He, who was not old, hugged him tightly and walked inward with a smile every night. "Grandpa, no, let me go." Struggling every night, he was carried away by the old man to see the elders who had been waiting for him. After the old man and the night left, Dongfang Chen smiled and hugged the moon rabbit to the dressing room on the second floor. "Rabbit, there are professional hair stylists and costume designers waiting for you. We have to hurry up!" Moon Rabbit was still immersed in her own thoughts, until Dongfang Chen led her to the dressing room on the second floor and handed her to the people waiting for her in the room, she came to her senses, "Dongfang Chen, what did you bring me here for?" Dongfang Chen raised his eyebrows and smiled brightly. Under his dazzling face, his smile was also dazzling. He looked at all the maids in the house. "Little rabbit, today is the first time you have seen my parents. Of course, you have to dress up well!" Then he nodded to the people who had been waiting for him, and naturally called out the name that made the moon rabbit jumpy: "Well, hurry up and give me a perfect Oriental young grandmother!" "Yes, young master!" They put away their amazing eyes and immediately pulled the moon rabbit to the chair to sit down, put on makeup, updo, and move quickly and dazzlingly. Little rabbit, I'll wait for you outside. Don't be afraid! Dongfang Chen smiled out of the room, put his hands in his pockets and leaned against the door, waiting expectantly for the moon rabbit to come out. Just smoothly called out the name that oneself avoid, the feeling that has a wife so also is pretty good! The little rabbit sat on the chair in a daze and let everyone move, and the surprise that had not been digested in his heart was completely dumbfounded when the word "Oriental Young Granny" was introduced into his mind. Staring at the reflection in the mirror, she didn't know it was herself. He said, "Young Lady Dongfang?"? Do you mean her? In a daze, all the people had finished dressing up for her, and all the people in the room looked at the moon rabbit who had taken off her ordinary clothes and changed into a noble temperament, and gasped in succession. The young master really has a good eye! "Are you satisfied,wholesale plastic pallet, madam?" Holding back surprise and envy, people are looking forward to the affirmation of the Moon Rabbit. Ah Hearing the sound, the little rabbit blinked his eyes and saw the figure in the mirror. He immediately opened his eyes wide. "Is this me?" 。


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