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I saw a flash of green shadow, will have no support will be tottering moon pine tightly embrace, is light Luo! "Young Lord!" She called his name, and the anxiety, indignation, and concern in her tone were all contained in the call.

I saw a flash of green shadow, will have no support will be tottering moon pine tightly embrace, is light Luo! "Young Lord!" She called his name, and the anxiety, indignation, and concern in her tone were all contained in the call. Dong Qingqiu listened to her call, the heart unexpectedly gave birth to a trace of resonance, but turned into a trace of joy, as if there was a burden in the heart down. Light Luo came, Ming Yuesong will have nothing to do, right? Because his maidservant will not sit idly by him. Right? It turned out that Qingluo did not trust Mingyuesong to stay here alone after all. Go and return, did not expect to really see such a terrible situation, if she came one step later, I am afraid Mingyuesong has been unable to go back to Yan. Light Luo ferociously took a look at Dong Qingqiu, who was more than ten meters away. It was clearly night, and the dark curtain was shrouded. But Dong Qingqiu felt that the eyes of resentment were particularly bright. I wish I could chop her to a pulp. But Qingluo knew that she could not kill Dong Qingqiu. More can not kill Shangguan Rin, she can only do now is to protect their own young Lord, take him away. Light Luo protects bright moon pine to turn round to want to go, Shangguan Rin collects to come forward,empty cosmetic tubes, this is about to intercept light Luo, Dong Qingqiu subconsciously catches his arm, "do not.." Shangguan Lin looked back at her, Dong Qingqiu himself did not know how to say this sentence, but still let his head unconsciously to Shangguan Lin vigorously shook. Dong Qing? Shangguan Lin lowered his eyebrows and glanced at Dong Qingqiu, who was holding his arm. Her hand pulled him a little tight. He looked at her, and Dong Qingqiu suddenly realized his gaffe. Just as he was about to explain and cover up, Shangguan Rin drew back his feet and said sincerely to Dong Qingqiu,plastic packaging tube, "Good.". Since Dong Qing wants me to let him go, I will listen to Dong Qing once. The words seemed to take Dong Qingqiu's words as an imperial edict. Dong Qingqiu can not help but stunned, Shangguan Rin unexpectedly so happy to promise to let the moon loose? He didn't know how much he wanted to cut off these dissidents around him. Obviously, he had already injured Mingyue Song. That light Luo was obviously no match for Shangguan Rin. How could he let him go for no reason? Dong Qingqiu is very surprised, although he is Xuanyuan season's apprentice, now in the side of Shangguan Rin has been "pivotal", but not to let Shangguan Rin so obedient? Or does he have something else in mind? It's just that when Dong Qingqiu was thinking about it, Qingluo had already carried his young master on his back and disappeared. "Man Chao Feng Hua" Netizens Upload Chapter Volume 6 Chapter 7 Afternoon Chapter Hua Dong Qingqiu lived in Zhanghua Palace again under the arrangement of Shangguan Rin. Only here, Dong Qingqiu can not be entangled by Mingyue Song, want to be under the care of heavy guards, Mingyue Song is impossible to take Dong Qingqiu away. Of course, Ming Yuesong, the prime minister of the State of Chu, eye cream packing tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, who was once popular and loved by countless handsome men and beautiful women, disappeared overnight. When it was almost dawn, a big fire broke out in a courtyard in the middle of the Ming Mansion. If people outside hadn't found out and rushed in to put out the fire, the whole garden would have been torched, and there would be no tiles left. The maids and servants in the Ming Mansion had disappeared, leaving only a mute old man sweeping the floor and guarding the door, picking up some things that could barely be used in the ruins of the house that had been burned to ashes. Overnight, Mingfu became an empty city. The beautiful houses around Mochou Lake looked a little gloomy because of the fire and the strange disappearance of the people. As for the whereabouts of the master Ming Yuesong, there is no way to know. Some people say that he was taken away by a Taoist priest who was looking for immortals because he was seriously ill, and only in this way could his life be saved; others say that he was originally a man of idle clouds and wild cranes, and the name of the prime minister was only a shackle for him, so he chose to disappear. Early in the morning, the imperial censor anxiously stated to Shangguan Rin that the post of Jing Zhaoyin was temporarily held by Dong Qingqiu. But since Dong Qingqiu came back, this job is somewhat incompetent, as for the Ming government, even if someone reported to Jing Zhaoyin, Dong Qingqiu is not in the house. The imperial censor had to submit it directly to the emperor. For such rumors, Shangguan Rin did not have any expression. As if all this had nothing to do with him, it even helped Mingyuesong. Shangguan Lin in front of the full civil and military ground. The position of the right prime minister was left vacant, and all the expenses and expenditures in the Ming government remained the same, so that the Ming government could be maintained. Www.l6K.cN As for the whereabouts of Mingyuesong, Shangguan Rin just used a sentence, when Mingxiang should come back. Will come back naturally, will doubt the princes to send. For Shangguan Rin's move, Dong Qingqiu was very puzzled. I don't know what kind of medicine is sold in Shangguan Rin's gourd. She was curious, but somewhat lazy and unwilling to know, shouldn't she be very happy? No one dares to blackmail themselves, take advantage of themselves, deceive themselves! Only when listening to the comments of the princes, Dong Qingqiu occasionally thought of the man named Mingyuesong. I have mixed feelings in my heart. He's never been seen again? Ming prime minister, from now on disappeared? She raised her head and took a look at the opposite side of where she was standing. The left prime minister and the right prime minister, in the early morning, were on the left and right of Shangguan Rin. But at this time, the position opposite him is empty, just like his heart. For Dong Qingqiu's re-entry into the Zhanghua Palace, there was still a storm in the harem. Although Zhang Hua palace was also Shangguan Rin broke the rules to keep Feng Guang, let him also live in a row of rooms behind the side hall. (The row of rooms was originally a place for close ministers to rest a little and wait for the emperor's summons.) But after all, it was a preconceived idea that Shangguan was unrepentant, and the imperial concubine was somewhat unhappy. Of course, in fact, because Dong Qingqiu caught a cold again, he basically slept in his room in the morning to recuperate. Shangguan Rin is also happy not to see Dong Qingqiu from time to time, so as not to affect his efficiency. When the imperial concubine saw that Shangguan Rin had gone astray again, she was so angry that she could not avoid bringing disaster to the fish in the pond. This anger was spread on Jiang Fei. He did not persuade the emperor to change his mind that night. Can give you the opportunity,plastic laminted tube, also do not make good use of. Shangguan Rin slept in Zhanghua Palace again these days, which was a return to the past. www,16K. Cn。 emptycosmetictubes.com


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