Twilight blood

You know, Marcus, we have about 14000000000 nerve cells in our brain

You know, Marcus, we have about 14000000000 nerve cells in our brain that release impulses at 450 miles an hour, and we know that most of those impulses are uncontrollable, like when you're cold, you get goose bumps, like when you're excited, adrenaline goes up, the human body follows physiological impulses, That's why we often can't control our emotions. Of course, sometimes we prefer to be emotional. So this is for.. What . Why do I want to kill you? !” "Qiao Zhen." I just want you. The handsome blood clan has an innocent face. You should know how dangerous it is for you to be hospitalized now! Even if anyone finds something wrong with you, you may be knocked unconscious and brought into the laboratory without any resistance, and become a piece of tissue that I can't even recognize you! "Don't worry, it won't." The corners of the elegant blood prince's mouth twitched slightly and soon returned to normal. He smiled and looked at Qiao Zhen so impatiently, feeling a little proud in his heart. "Really?" “…… Really. You don't believe me? “……” Qiao Zhen seemed to think seriously for two seconds and suddenly pulled his pants down. What are you doing With a rare moment of horror, Marcus quickly looked at the facilities around the ward,artificial coconut palm trees, apparently covered up at his request, and breathed a sigh of relief. Qiao Zhen, don't fool around. This is Seattle Hospital. Don't you miss me? Don't you have to be admitted to the hospital and appoint me as your intern? Qiao Zhen whispered. ……” Marcus looked at the white thigh and suddenly felt dizzy. I didn't mean that. "Is it?"? In my opinion.. You mean.. You're weak, you can't move, you have no strength, but doesn't that mean you can't enjoy it? Very good Qiao Zhen suddenly threw away Marcus's case, which was a pile of fabricated waste paper anyway. He laughed with some vindictive charm and jumped on his bed. I said,silk olive tree, if you don't behave, I'll let you accept my punishment! It seems that Qiao Zhenzhen is really mad. At this time, Marcus really wanted to cry when he looked at Qiao Hazel, who was kneeling on his body and half-naked in his clothes, pulling open his trousers with a rather skillful and lascivious means. Qiao Zhen, listen to me. Marcus felt that the dexterous and slender fingers almost killed him at this time. The two of them had always lived in harmony. Naturally, it had something to do with Marcus's good skills, but it wasn't that Joe Hazel didn't do anything. Uh? Do you still have the heart to speak? Qiao Zhen Wen Yan raised his head and laughed, the corners of his eyes slightly raised, watching Marcus breathe, almost forgetting what he was going to say. ……” When Qiao Zhen saw him like this, large artificial blossom trees ,outdoor ficus tree, he showed an evil smile, and his whole body, like a white and elegant snake, slipped from Marcus's chest to a certain part. The small head is almost close. "Well.." Marcus only felt a tight body, and the two days of accumulation almost immediately poured out. Just then, Qiao Zhen suddenly gripped the place tightly with an expressionless face and whispered, "I told you to be obedient." “……” At this moment, Marcus realized what someone's so-called "punishment" was. In fact, seeing but not eating is the biggest tragedy for men. Just then, the door was suddenly opened, and a ray of light came in from the outside, followed by a rather optimistic voice of chicken ribs before Qiao Hazel could react. Director Volturi, two of your relatives have come to visit.. In the middle of the conversation, he suddenly disappeared as if he had been stuck in the neck of a chicken. "Uh.." After the whole ward was silent for almost a second, Marcus somehow got the strength to roll Joe Hazel naked into the quilt, leaving only one of Joe Hazel who was embarrassed and about to burst his head. Damn! Carlo?! Caius?! What are you doing here?! For the first time in his life, Marcus made such a gaffe and shouted. And Qiao Zhen. He was stare hard at Comrade chicken ribs at that moment, and his dark eye were bursting with gamma death rays that could kill anyone. WELL,WELL,WELL。 Is this Seattle Hospital's new housekeeping, male strippers? A male voice with a slightly elegant Italian accent and deep banter came from the door. The handsome guest had long brown hair and the same blue face, followed closely by a man with long blond hair, equally handsome and pale. God, why don't you die! This is the only thing that can come to Qiao Zhen's mind at this time. Chapter 30 camping As surgeons, interns are trained to be sensitive animals to diseases and bacteria. Sometimes, in the eyes of interns, the problem of space is so simple-with or without bacteria, many or many bacteria.. "What did you say?!" "Joe Hazel almost jumped up reflexively when he heard Marcus's words, like a cat that sees water and suddenly explodes." Joe Hazel, don't be so scared. We're not going to an alien planet. Marcus tugged gently at the fried cat's fur. We're just going on a camping trip, with the Cullens and Carol and Caius, and there's only ten of us. It's in Forks. It's close. I promise. Sleeping on the ***ing ground?! And then everyone urinates in a Bush?! How many damn germs are there?! “…… Fresh air, baby, think fresh air. I had an acute coronary operation this morning. I'm Britt today, and he specifically booked me into the O.R. "" "I cancelled the operation." "What?!" Baby, I've seen the case. The patient's condition is stable and he won't die today. It's the same with surgery tomorrow. "Why?" "Because you're going camping with us." "No." Qiao Zhen is very determined. I was born in a big city. I'm not fit to live in a place with no electricity, no toilet, no toilet pap, no bath water and no alcohol! I grew up in a bar, and camping is really not for me! Besides,silk cherry blossom tree, I hate bugs and germs! "Back to nature, the game between men." Qiao Zhen, are you really not going? 。


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